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I want to buy on used car and found Maruti Alto (LX) 2002 model in a good condition which has run around 80000 it advisable to buy and at what price?
By Amit Raj 05 May 2010

Used car buying is good idea if bought from reliable resources.You can also opt for some OEM backed certified used car program,where used car comes with warranty and service.although car may be 8-10% costlier but that would be worth for money invested,since this fetches good price while you sell it.
One of my friend bought used Spark form Shiva Auto ,Ghaziabad from their Chevy OK division(certified car program from Chevrolet))is fully satisfied.


Answer by Wahid Raza 05 May 2010


I suggests not to buy used car. 2002 model means 8 yr old body, atleast 8 yrs old parts. whatever it is. (iron, steel, plastic etc). 80000 KM already runs. now this is time when car required regular maintaince. roughly Rs 5000-8000 in every 2-3 months. once it reaches around 1 lacs km, that might increased the maintaince cost.
If you don't know driving, still its better to buy new car. The ex-showroom price for alto is around 2.36 lacs- 2.80 lacs, usually u get 15-20,000 discount/offer. 2-3 days back I confirmed that top model on road is 2.83 lacs(on road).

Now, coming back to your answer, the cost should be around 1 lacs (maximum 1.20 lacs) depends on the negotiation. Stil I suggest go and buy new one. you may get avg model for Rs. 2.5 lacs. In the next 2-3 yrs you save the maintaince cost which is roughly around 70-80 K in old car.

Still if u want to buy old car, then I would suggest you to not buy 2-3 yr old car may be 2007-8 model, where u may save around 20-25% of car cost

Answer by Amit Arora 05 May 2010

Just to correct "Still if u want to buy old car, then I would suggest you not to buy very old car, may be buying 2-3 yr old car is better option (2007-8 model), where u may save around 20-25% of car cost"

Answer by Amit Arora 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

You can buy the same if available in good condition. It can be bought for around 1.1 lac max.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Wish you all the best for the new car not old one

it will give trouble always you will fed up with the maintenance and you can trust the new one

Answer by Anthoniraj 05 May 2010

I don't mind a 2002 model car, but ya an Alto with 80000 on the odo will not be a pleasure to drive also will have some niggling problem around all the way.
If budget is a constraint go for a new 800, alto or even spark.

Answer by Abhijit 05 May 2010

Dear friend am suggesting not to by this much old car and 80,000 is done please note if you go for used car see low mileage and first owner this car not more than 100000 only because no power steering any way look other used car which have low mileage and go for LXI. thanks
Kenya, Nairobi

Answer by Rpsingh 05 May 2010

Buying Alto II car is good decession But u buy lower km u buy below 50000km runned irrespective of year of manufacture(model)

Answer by Dr Satya Prasad 05 May 2010
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