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how to handle a customer when he enters into a showroom and the way of speaking?
By Kamala Kannan 05 May 2010

First and foremost, acknowledge the presence of a new person on your premises - a simple Hello will do just fine. Make eye contact without staring. Ask the simplest questions, like "How are you Madam/Sir ?". Follow their response with "Very well Madam/Sir, how can I help you?". If the customer is a bit hesitaant, allow the person to look around by himself/herself. Give them space, and say, "Please feel free to take a look. I'm here if you need me for anything". Listen very carefully to what the customer says. If you're trying to sell a big ticket item like a car, the customer needs your attention, not your salesmanship, so please, no aggressive selling. It turns off most customers. If you can, offer coffee or tea or a cool drink, a seat, and do all the things you would do to a guest. Make the customer feel good and chances are he/she will buy something. If the customer makes it clear that he/she is not buying anything, continue to treat that person with respect, and he/she will come back. More than anything, when the customer leaves, with or without a sale, please put in a "Thank you for visiting us. Please come again!".

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Please follow the standard rules of greeting the customer and giving warm welcome.After making them feel comfortable, ask which vehicle they are looking for.Take them to the car and give complete details of the car.Also ask them to have a test drive and have thorough experience of handling the car, the comfort, ride quality etc. Explain them how it will make a good choice, its utility, ease of maintenace etc. Later explain the finance options, discounts available.
Ask them if they need any other informations relating to not only the car in question but also if they need any comparision with relevent models from other manufacturers.Here you will have to take car not to give too much negetive comments about other manufacturer but highlight the advantages of buying your car.

Above all treat all customer equally and make them its a pleasure visit to the showroom.In many of the occasions good staff can overcome some of the limitations of the product and hence motivate customers to choose your.If you treat the customers as guests,dealership as your home, cars to be sold as your car then you will be motivated to performe well and get cars sold faster and at good value too(Though dealer takes the money, you will be paid salary instead).

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Both the above suggestions are excellent. Let me add a bit, when customer walks in, after welcoming him, introduce yourself by repeating your name and say that you may be summoned whenever the customer wishes. Tell him to take his own uninterrupted time to explore the product.After some time you may offer to join him to explain. You must allow the customer to acclimatise to the show room environment before he is ready to probe. Generally any customer wants to be recognized first as he enters, then he also needs some time to observe the product without salesman's interference. Then on, he is ready to take assistance to arrive at a decision. As a salesman myself for 25 years, this is my experience. The more one puts pressure, the more customer will resist your advise. Always agree with him and then pursue to agree with you ! Never make false or misguiding statements and never down play the competition (Other cars), just say you don't know much about it. It Works !

Answer by Pirebhuoo 05 May 2010

Selling my Tempo 3 wheeler

Answer by Nyakidigbak 03 March 2022
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