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shiva, i want to seel my HONDA CRV 2006 model, manual transmission black color. how much should i expect out of it? its in excellent condition. does honda hav a buy back scheme?
By Tushar 05 May 2010

it all depends on the condition of the car and kilometers run.
my friend rcently bought a 2005 model for 6.7 lacs. the car had 56,000 kms milege.

Answer by Rijish 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

The Price also depends on which part of the country you stay in along with the month the car was purchased, the kms run, service history.
A 2006 Model CRV 2.4MT in Mumbai in Good Condition having done about 40K Kms should get around 7 to 7.5 Lacs.
If you stay around Mumbai or Pune, give me a call and I'll help you.
Quraish - 9372515202

Answer by Quraish 05 May 2010

if u r stay in or near by delhi call me ill help u with my no 09811159043

Answer by Atul Batra 05 May 2010

i may be interested to the CRV for my own use if its reasonable and direct deal . you can call me @09811411370

Answer by Ashwani 05 May 2010

if you ask me, dont sell it for less than 10 lacs
belive me, this vehicle is on the way of becoming a cult item in the next 2-3 years to come, specially since the new cr-v is no where close to the ocrv
i own a 2005 cr-v myself and will never sell it

Answer by CHAITANYA 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Honda CR-V of 2006 can be sold for around 10 to 12 lac depending upon condition and features.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

I think u can sold out ther around 8- 10 lacs... better consult a dealer abt hi s price

Answer by Salam 05 May 2010

I had a Dec 2004 MT Black CRV. I sold the same in June 2008 for 7.5 L , i tried car wale and many other alternatives. Even Honda was not giving more than 6.5 L . My car was in excellent condition , my reason for selling was purely on mileage and petrol expenses. I dont think you will get more than 7-8L. My car was UP registered. SO depending upon the state the price could vary by 0.5 to 1.0 L. Honda has a company called Auto Terrace for buy back scheme, but they offer lower price as compared to market. However i can only tell you one thing, after selling my CRV, I bought a Captiva, changed that to X trail, now i am again searching for another SUV, as X trail AC is a failure, however nothing to match the 2004/2006 version of CRV. it may not have a great mileage. But its a great cross over. Even compared to Outlander which has excellent features and an AT for 21 LAcs , it cannot handle the verstility of Honda engine and the lightness of the vehicle while driving. I would request you you to reconsider your option of reseliing. May be i will buy yours. All the best.

Answer by Munish Sharma 05 May 2010

Hi Tushar,

My first advise is not to sell your car, as Honda gives excellent cars and smoothness of Honda vehicles cannot be comparable with any other cars, and I driven Honda CR-V its excellent SUV great pick-up and easy for terrain and long drives, Bitter less on milege but can be forgiven for its smoothness. And as Munish rightly said, X-trail is total failed vehicle so as Captiva still to make a ground, and your wish to selling car is purely depends on the contents of the car and milege driven and most imporatnt factor is state you belong to and the place you want to sell it. Bangalore you get very good price, as Honda is very prefered vehicle here. (Price may get may close to 10 lac)

Answer by S Joshi 05 May 2010

hi,please suggest me an diesel car according to their mielage,performance and maintenance cost.. either vista quarjet or swift vdi ?? please reply me soon as am totally confused as wat car i need to buy.. i need all experts advice please..

Answer by Babuji 05 May 2010

thank you guyz for ur suggestions.munish i appericiate ur suggestion. i am selling it only coz i need some change. my CRV is maharashtra registered. any one of u can offer me a good price. i hav given its set of new alloys with magwheels.

Answer by Drtushar 05 May 2010
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