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Hello Shiva, I enjoy reading your expert tips and advice. Appreciate the good work. This morning I came across a question about Linea Petrol being underpowered and being frustrating in city traffic. Is that the market opinion or an individuals. I am close to booking Linea Petrol (Emotion Pack a.k.a Fully loaded) and its gonna cost me about 8.3L. I don't want to end up with something that'z underpowered. I love Cedia Sports (but not in the right financial situation to afford it currently) and enjoy that kind of response in a car. While I understand there will be differences between 2.0 and 1.4, but the car carrying just 1.4 should be good enough to pull its own weight. Please advice. Regards Umaya
By Umaya Saravanan 05 May 2010

linea with its current engine is fine but if u want something more & a faster car than would suggest you to wait a while for linea t-jet. it is launching soon & will be the most powerful in its segment, its a petrol engine with turbo. so if not in hurry than just wait as as per talks it may come in a months time or tow.

Answer by Deepam 05 May 2010

It's just a bullshit opinion. The petrol engine is very sweet. It's not like Fiat's own 1.6 Palio engine, but it's really good. It gives a good combination of power and mileage. Linea Emotion pack is such value for money, if it were not india or fiat, the same car would have been selling for atleast 3 lakhs more. At 8.3l, it's a steal.

Answer by Subhasish 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Fiat Linea has good power of 90 BHP and can deliver speed of upto 180KMPH.Pickup of 0 t0 60KMPH in 6.2 seconds is quite and does give satisfactory result. Besided it has the best of build quality,style and comfort.Hence it would be a worthy selection in going for Linea.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Go for hyundai verna diesel. Very Powerful with its amazing turbo diesel engine, smart, very comfortable, good mileage..

Answer by Raghav 05 May 2010

Linea is a very good car with tremendous pulling capacity. It is built like a battle ship , means very strong body. It is an ideal family car. Don't bother any negative opinions on Linea. They are doing because some people always find fault with good things.Go ahead for Linea

Answer by Vijayakumarpn 05 May 2010

Hi Umaya,

I drive a Linea petrol 1.4, the car does not feel underpowered. It is sufficient for city driving. Yes it is no rocket, you won't win any race with it. But nevertheless it's an awesome car. Definitely the best in the segment. The news on Linea being underpowered is being spread by so called auto buffs who don't own the car,I am positive there isn't one Linea owner who will complain. But if you want to zip on highways the Fiesta or Verna would be better - but the Fiesta in my opinion is a bad city car and Verna with its soggy steering wheel is no fun to drive.The Linea is well equipped and a nice classy car.


Answer by Deepak Praveen 05 May 2010

I also agree that you are not inhurry then wait for a while as the new t-jet engine is in introduction however its cost would be approxmiately higher by 1to 1.5 lacs. i had decided to pur. emotion pack petrol in dec, 2009 but is still waiting for t-jet engine as it was already been introduced in delhi expo 2010. however, their seems to be some problem in its introduction as it has taken a very long time and no fixed schedule has been given by fiat for its on road introduction i had alredy talked a dozen times on the toll free no. asa well as at pune and mumbai offices also mailed lots of time to the company but no proper response has been received. others also say that as the cost will increase then its cost would be near to honda city then why not go for honda city being the renowned vehicle. however i would prefer u linea t-jet as i am already waiting from last 6 months for the same car but dont know when it will come.

Answer by CA MANISH RAJVAIDYA 05 May 2010

Linea is a very good car with excellent driveability. Don't worry about rumours it is not atall underpowered. I recently purchased Linea diesel. about it also people use to say that it is under powered but i am more than satisfied with its performance. I have driven linea petrol a number of times and no issues it is responsive enough. About winning races it not only depends upon the car but on the driver too. If you are a good driver you can certainly win races with , it won't let you down. Try it. It is a much better choice than Fiesta and Verna.

Answer by Parminder Singh 05 May 2010
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