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Hi, I am planning to go for a second hand Safari. I am in a confusion between the old model and new model, so please give few clarification on my few on safari model. It is obvious that I need to spend less for an old mode [provided I mind the condition of vehicle of-course] What are the difference b/w Safari type 1 and type 2 [Old model and 2.2 dicor]. My Question is basically about the chassis and suspension irrespective of the engine. Please help me to choose between these. -Shine
By Shine 05 May 2010

Fundamentally the same design on both the models. The Safari is a lumbering, heavy vehicle that cannot do any of the things they show in the advertisement. Treat it like an expensive to maintain luxury car, not like an SUV. It will come apart if driven off road.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

Go for only Dicor not take TCIC engine (old model)even for free..

Answer by Ukmishra 05 May 2010

no need to get influenced by 6.2 ft people finding alto comfortable . you can judge their mental level from their choice .your choice of suv is excellent there is not a single suv in under 15 lacs range which can beat the safarii in india, its an execellent vehicle,but at the same time iwd advice u to go for 2.2 dicor as the older version seems to be underpowered in comparsion to the 2.2 dicor.

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010

Better think twice before going for a second hand Safari bcoz buying a second hand Safari & an old Elephant is the same. At least an old Elephant can last long without medication but a brand new Safari can actually last for not more than three years and if you buy a second hand one then you might definetly require some medication after a few months.

Answer by Orlando J Vaz 05 May 2010

what nonsense ,these people speak someone says the vehicle is going to fall apart if driven offroad ,the other says life of the vehicle is three years these is all basless comments by people who do not know anything about suv's .the average maintaince cost of any suv is higher and these vehicles are not meant for people who cannot afford its maintaince.any one who buys an suv is not an entry level user .instead of listening to all this stupid advises u better choose the vehicle by inspecting it properly go for 2.2 dicor avoid vehicles roughly used,avoid the earlier version, avoid vehicles from owners who do not have the capacity to maintain an suv they are rather fit to drive in thier miniatures your choice of the vehicle is excellent ,if u have the taste to own an elephant you need to have a heart to feed it too .luxury never comes free of cost.safari is an excellent suv if maintained properly right from the begining.

Answer by Ranju 05 May 2010

Please consider opinion from people who actually own or have owned TATA SAFARI in past. Please just overlook view from people
1. Who made Scorpio as their choice and are blaming TATA SAFARI just to prove how Scorpio is better.
2. As earlier mentioned people who are 6.2ft tall and find alto comfortable.

Even for me TATA SAFARI is unbeatable. Few features that no SUV under 15 lakhs have that TATA SAFARI has.
1. Shear on road presence
2. Space
3. Handling

But still I would agree to the point that old Safari is hard to maintain, but owning a used Dicor 2.2 would just be great.

Answer by Abhijit 05 May 2010


First of all everybody should understand basic point in owning a SUV, as it involves heavy maintenance, not like having a hatchback model where maintenance is only few thousands, but same not applies for any bigger luxury vehicle, spares/serving is expensive either, so sometime old is gold only for non technology goods, where technology is modern, so is the cost, and always better/new car few worries, and regarding Safari is defenitely is a good vehicle, provided you maintained it well, else as year on year it is exactly like having a white elephant, and yes go for new 2.2 dicor model, is it is good engine backed with good interiors and ofcourse good ac.

Answer by Joshi 05 May 2010

Safari 2.2 dicor is best in the class SUV.Infact it offers much more than the price.Handling,comfort,road presence and power.Do not even think of going for the older version as its very high on maintenance.Innova and tavera are not SUVs.Scorpio is the only vehicle in its class but it does not even stand competition when it comes to comfort,class n looks,interiors and ac.I have heard the new scorpio micro hybrid engine is as good as dicor,but safari scores over scorpio due to many other reasons.

Answer by Dhruv Kapoor 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Tata Safari is a great choice as a used SUV.There are no much changes in chassis of the Safari.Going for the dicor model has the advantage of better performance and maintenance.

Mr B.S Kumar is against Tata Motors for the reasons known to him only.Hence it may not be considered.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Hi, Tata Safari2.2Dicor is great choice.Owning a TATASAFARI 2.2DICOR is great.Class n Looks SLEAK.Exceellent SUV if maintained properly right from the begining.As Mr Ranju said SUVs are not meant for people who can't afford its maintainance.Its all baseless comments by people who do not know anything about TATASAFARI 2.2 dicor.Go for only
Dicor2.2 engine.I am using TATASAFARI 2.2 DICOR from almost one & half year.No problems yet.

Answer by K R JOSHI 05 May 2010

Dear B.S.Kumar...

I own a safari 4x4, 1999 model and I never spent anything more than 3,000.00 ( Rupees three thousand only )on maintanance like oil change, and other petty charges. It has given me the best service so far and never ever let me down on the long run. It has covered more than 2 lakh so far still running very smooth and never rattles. But I see your comment against Tata Safari rattles more and every time I see your adverse remarks about Tata Safari, my blood starts to boil. Grapes are always sour if you can't get them. same is the case with you. You do not have any moral right to comment on any vehicle unless you own them. Please stop misguiding people with your insane remarks and all of us would be happy if you stop posting your comments altogether on this website in the general interest of the viewers. May god Bless you.

Answer by Vishoo 05 May 2010
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