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How is the new BOLERO SLX? what's the mileage it gives under normal city conditions, what are the accessories available free on full cash payment?
By Shan 08 August 2008

Bolero SLX price is near 7.60 to 7.70 lacs. Very good car. But lacks in comfirt for middle and last seat pasengers. Mileage is around 8km/ltr in city and 12+ in highways. And free accessories depends on dealer, so such announcement from manufacturer. You may get good cash discount. This car is very good for bad road conditions, as maintanence cost is also low.

Answer by Abu Shaikh 08 August 2008

Iam the owner new BOLERO SLX since past 3 month. Most of the time, i was driving car in Highway & City. It is giving mileage of 10+ (in City) & 12+ (in Highway with AC + Speed - Above 110km/hr). IT IS VERY GOOD CAR ONLY ON BAD ROADS & HIGHWAY. It makes heavy vibration at lower rpm & sound inside the cabin also higher. SO, WHAT I RECOMMEND is go for TAVERA. Tavera is noiseless, non-vibration Cabin with extra 2km mileage than bolero.

Answer by Prasanth 08 August 2008
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