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Hi, I am planning to buy RE bullet standard today. Please give me suggestions, should i go for the new engine or not. I am still able to get the Iron cast engine one through a dealer. Please suggest quickly. Thanks Sharad
By Sharad 05 May 2010
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Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 05 May 2010

go for old models,
old is gold, :),
it will also save u a lot of money,
i think u should buy a used bullet, like >30 yrs old. I had one, it was quite good. much better than the new ones. It was really heavy and made that distinct sound. New bullets dont have that heavy stuff,

Answer by Jfk 05 May 2010
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Bullet Standard is outdated,instead you can try with latest Bullet 350 UCE with right leg brakes and left leg gear shift.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

if u live in Bangalore, u can meet my mechanic for clarifications. he's an expert in RE and can help u.
contact Babu(9341947744)

Answer by Sundaresan 05 May 2010

Thanks everyone,
Sundar- I am in Gurgaon, I have bought new standard 350 4s. with company fitted alloys and guards. Hopefully eveything will be fine. I am first time Bullet owner. Any tips will be of great help :-)

Answer by Sharad 05 May 2010

My sujestion to you is to buy old standard bullet of cast iron engine. please dont go for new bullets they are totally Bakwas.

Answer by Atul 06 June 2010

yeah Atul, I already bought one Iron cast engine one. It is doing great.

Answer by Sharad 06 June 2010

Before 2 month, I already booked my Bullet STD 350 CI. Now I am waiting for the delivery.

Answer by Supriya Rong 07 July 2010

There is no waiting on UCE engine models for Standard. Waiting is for new models of Classic 350 and 500. With which Dealer you have booked this.

Answer by Sharad 07 July 2010

Actually I am waiting for Bullet STD (Cast Iron Engine) model. I booked my bike on may 11, 2010. I am from Kolkata.

Answer by Supriya Rong 07 July 2010

The production has already been stopped many months back for this. What are being sold are the ones with dealers and there should not be any booking for these. I was also lucky to get one from a dealer and got delivery the same day. Please double check with your dealer and also check with customer support of RE.

Answer by Sharad 07 July 2010

Hi Sharad, I know the production of this bike already been stopped. That's why I am really become worried. When I visited first time dealer told me booking not available for STD bullet and told me to choose another model. But I refuse to book for another model and leave the showroom. After that owner of this showroom call me and told me that he arranges two more STD model. And he gets the conformation from the factory, but waiting period is 3 months. I booked my bike by paying a cash advance of Rs 20000/-. End of this month possibility to deliver my bike. But I do not sure about it. Now told me how can I contact customer support of RE? Also any other advises will be appreciable.

Answer by Supriya Rong 07 July 2010

This is what i got from RE website. Hope this helps.

Good luck.

Royal Enfield
(A Unit of Eicher Motors Limited)
Tiruvottiyur High Road,
Chennai - 600 019.
Tel: +91 - 44 - 42043300, + 91 - 44 - 42230400
Fax: +91 - 44 - 4204 4443

Contact our Customer Service desk at

Answer by Sharad 07 July 2010

Hi Sharad, Thank you for your quick response.
Today I contact with area sales manager. But I can't receive any positive response from him. I am able to get information that Bullet STD still available ar Hariana. If you have any information regarding this then reply soon.

Answer by Supriya Rong 07 July 2010
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