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How crdi engine work?

By Vijay Paranjape on Aug 13, 2008


  • Hello Mate..

    It is common rail direct injection system used to Improve the supply of fuel and the pressure of supplying the fuel to the cylinders more balance. In CRDI it has acommon rail to all the cylinders and with high pressure will be injected to the cylinders with a pressure regulator which ensure the adequate supply when at the right pressure. One more advantage is that it comes with a Turbo charger and intercooler in built. The turbo charger compressor will be proppled by the exhaust from the (Exhaust valve) and compresses the air to supply more air to the cylinder for increased cumpustion and power. the compressed air from the turbo charger is sent through the intercooler to be cooled to the optimum temperatur and pumbed inside the cylinders where it results in improved power and better fule efficiency by burrning less diesel..
    Answer by Basenth Mathew Thomas on Aug 14, 2008

  • Expert Hi,
    Thanks Mr Thomas .You are right.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Aug 14, 2008

  • More power and less fuel consumption.
    Answer by Ramakrishnan on Aug 15, 2008

  • Hello,

    The expansion of CRDI is "common rail direct injection" which is typically used in diesel vehicles for high performance and better fuel efficiency. This is how it works- It exists to provide an adequate supply of fuel, at higher air pressure (High Volumetric efficiency). The CRDI engine is designed with a common rail for supplying equal amount of fuel to all cylinders at a desired pressure using a pressure regulator attached to it. The pressure regulator, controls the pressure of the air supplied into the cylinders thorough the inlet valve. The state of the art technology is coupled with a turbo charger, which is interestingly propelled by the exhaust from the exhaust valve (Higher utilization excellent!!). This supports the action of air compression and delivery of more air into the cylinder for internal combustion. To make the process efficient an intercooler is fitted in between which cools the pressurized air to the desired temperature ,before it gets into the cylinder (As compressed air will have high temperature). This results in High power strokes with minimum consumption of fuel.
    Answer by Basenth Mathew Thomas on Mar 5, 2010

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