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I am planning to buy a diesel small car as soon as possible. I have test drove the following cars:-1.swift vdi 2. ritz vdi 3.indica vista aura abs 4. ford figo 5. fiat punto i20. After test drive, i have narrowed down my choice to either swift vdi or ford figo. Kindly suggest which would be a better buy?
By Vishal 05 May 2010



Answer by KARAN 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though both are good in performance, Swift VDI would be a better choice on account of more space,power and proven performance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Swift would be a better choice...But bit noisy than i20D..Depends on your budget.

Answer by Shiyazer 05 May 2010

Go for swift. :). Ford figo looks silly and is a copy of ford fusion. Sucks. Also the maintanance cost of swift is lower . Nice car. Good value for money

Answer by Raghav 05 May 2010

Final choice is yours.But before buying , You should check certain technical parameters.These are 1) Who has higher BHP within same price.2) Who has better mielage.3)Whether Euro III or Euro IV.( This will give you higher price when you will resale.)3)Whether carry power steering and power windows (additional)even fitted with music system or not.4) Cost of spare parts.5)Easy availability of service centres.Just compare with comparative charts which is available in many sites.

Answer by Partha 05 May 2010

Go for the vista drivetech4 man! Its the best in the segment. Trust me... i own a Tata car myself and i'm a proud owner. But I wish i can buy this one now. Check out its beautiful interiors and exteriors at -
and u'll kno wat i mean!

Answer by Himanshu 05 May 2010

I would suggest you to go for shift VDI without any thought. I am using it for last one year and totally satisfied with the performance.

Answer by Kamal Mehra 05 May 2010

Just before a week I was in your situation.
I was planning to Buy a deisel car and my choices were
1. Swfit LDI
2. Figo
3. I20
4 Polo

I have seen all the cars and finally on last Sunday I have taken the Delivery of My first Small Car SWFIT LDI.
Now why I have done that:-
SWFIT is a common car I agree but if you compare its the best Hatchback Car in India by looks.
Engine DDIS is the best in class and looking at the others experience the Avg is 22Km/pl on highways
Figo got better interiors and Plastic than Maruti.
Maruti overall maintenance is cheap, FOrd be ready to spend a good amt of money.
Resale Swift is the best and FOrd u better check the resale.
Overall I think SWIFT is the best but if you can wait for POLO than go for it.

Answer by Skapur 05 May 2010

I own a swift VDI it perfomance good , Figo is new entry in market the engine is good as they have used the Fiesta platform . as far as service is Maruti can be serviced Network is very good.

Answer by Nikhilesh Shetti 05 May 2010

Swift VDI is only the best. particularly for long run maintenance and service net work.

Answer by Arasu 05 May 2010

go with swift or i20 both are good..

Answer by Ram 05 May 2010
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