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I own a Fiat Palio ELX (2001 model)with a mileage of 58500KM,with full options, Petrol and LPG(endorsed),tyres can be run for atleast 10000 KM.Insurance till jan,2011,life tax. Is it worth keeping this car for another 2/3 years? What is the value of the car as on date, if i want to sell? Will I face a problem to sell off after 2/3 years. Kindly advise.
By Manu 05 May 2010

i guess u should keep it if it's in gud runnin condition cause if u sell it u'll hardly get 40 thousand bucks for it which won't be enough to buy a gud second hadn bike even for daily running!!

Answer by Zaid 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

The resale value of Palio ELX of 2001 is around 1.25 lac. If sold after two or theree years still it canbe sold for 90k to 1 lac. Hence recommended to use the same for one or two years and sell if you get good price for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

I know BSII, BSIV are something to do with emmisions. But, for which cars, for which cities it is applicable??What about old cars owned by people?? those are not even BS II compliant. So, they have to dump there cars??I still see people buying and selling cars which is 10+ years old.What is happening. I am confused and fear my 2001 model car will become obselete in next few months !

Answer by Manu 05 May 2010

Is it performing good in LPG? If so, it's luck and keep it for sometime.
I'm doubt about Palio in LPG.

Answer by Jey 05 May 2010

I agree with Jey, it was a bad move to put the LPG in a Palio, it further degrades the valuation of your car. If you are lucky you can land up selling your car for about 1 lac maximum. Keeping in mind the fact that its already done about 60,000 kms you can expect some serious suspension job very soon which aint cheap for a Palio. The amount you spend on it is not going to make any diffrence to its selling cost again which is a total loss if you are planning to sell it any which ways.
My reccomendation is to sell it off till the time you can atleast reap a lac from it. After 2 yrs you will either sell it for the price of a cow or keep it standing till it dissolves in the soil!!!

Answer by Indranil Roy 05 May 2010

At present the car may fetch 70-80K, If am in your place would have sold the car at the earliest. Once you fit LPG in Palio then the engine is spioled, even if we remove the LPG kit it will not function properly.

Answer by Antony 05 May 2010

I have palio 1.2 elx, 2003 model, ready to sell for 60,000
, nobody is buying it. so if u r lucky start searching customer u may end up selling till ur hair goes white if tats not already.

Answer by Devil 05 May 2010

devil please contact me at 9878450511,i am willing to buy ur apalio

Answer by Adit 05 May 2010

Dear Manu,
Palio petrol cars of 2001 were very high on fuel consumption, that's why FIAT came out with Palio Stite 1.1 L engines in 2008 which had better fuel efficiency with a smaller and newer engine. If you have LPG option in your car, pl use it for yourself as basically, this is an excellent car from the point of driving comfort, road grip and stability at higher speeds. As someone else said, you may not even get anything more than 40,000 bucks.

Answer by Commander Varik 05 May 2010

hi devil kya hua,were u joking

Answer by Adit 05 May 2010

Hi Gentlemen,Thanks for all your advices and suggestions. But I'LL take the expert's advice.Thanks Mr. Siva Shankar. The car is in very good condition as of now and my mechanic told not to panic about it for the next 3-5 years if maintained well, and to trouble-shoot minor probs on time. Palio is a rare vehicle on the roads and I get lot of head turns.

Answer by Manu 05 May 2010
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