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hiiiiiii.. i want to buy a hatchback car.. I want to know if Indica vista Aura+ 1.2 saffire is a better bet compared to other cars in the segment like, swift, ritz etc, cos it is almost 1 lakh lesser than swift zxi.. I also want to know how much mileage it gives, because im not getting the correct figure from anyone..
By Badri 05 May 2010

it'll give u 15 to 17km/l after the 2nd or 3rd service.

Answer by Zaid 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Tata Indica Vista Aura plus is a good option and gives satisfactory performance.Interiors space,build quality etc adds to the feature of car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Hey thanks a lot for replying :)

Answer by Badri 05 May 2010

Hey Badri, u can check out their website- for more details. U will get exact details from there only. Plus u'll also have the chance to win the car for free with that game!!! ha ha ha

Answer by Sonal 05 May 2010

The tata Indica vista is no doubt more advanced and efficient but honestly my recent experience with tata's service has been awful so would recommend you to choose something under the maruti badge and yes the new wagonR is Completely VFM(value for money) it is safer smarter faster, cooler more over maruti

Answer by Karan Java 05 May 2010

@ Sonal and Karan - Thanks a lot for replying :) How much mileage are u gettin? I hear ppl say that the mileage is about 10-12kms only bcos of its heavy weight..

Karan, but WagonR has less space in the back, and it would be difficult for 3 ppl to sit comfortably.. I took test drive.. Din feel all that great.. but i agree with ur point abt service :)

Answer by Badri 05 May 2010

aankhen moond kar vista quadrajet le lo
on long run it gives you average of 22
value for money
space inside can not be compared with any other car in this segment. the most basic thing is that the engine is of fiat and not of tata and the body is of tata ie rough and tough

itna ,mat socho
go and book tata vista

Answer by Dr Ashutosh 05 May 2010
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