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Sir, I got a maruti 800 1999 model. Which give me 26-29 KM per litter. Could you let me know that the maruti company knows about it, will they provide handsome incetntive if I hand over it to them? pl. direct me. thanks pradeepgovindan
By PRADEEP 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Its indeed a great thing to know that you are getting 26 to 29KMPL from 800. We are also interested in knowing how you have acheived that.Please write to us at or the chances of getting incentive from company is less.Meanwhile if you have designed any component relating to that then you can apply for patent.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Yes, they should give you good incentive, but point is how come you are able to achieve so high KPL. Have you done some modification in the engine to improve the mileage or it is purely your driving skills? Company would definitely like to test and know the reason for super performance of your 99 M800.

Answer by MP Singh 05 May 2010


Its really nice to hear this , bcoz Maruti engineers at their R&D are trying hard to increase the Km/ltr in their new upcoming model which is replacment of M800. If you can send a mail to their MD mentioning about your experience then probably they may ask you to return back you M800 for further reasarch. You must keep the patient with you.Even to whomsoever you give your research.


Answer by Shekhar Shastri 05 May 2010

since you have not designed the car you have no right to apply for patent . Please contact maruti manufacturers they will guide you.

Answer by Jaichander 05 May 2010

If you are talking about mileage if CNG fueled M800 it very much possible. My CNG fitted M800 (1996 model) gives average of 25-30 Kms per kilo of CNG on highway with AC.

Answer by Rajendra Shukla 05 May 2010

Are you planning to sell off the vehicle now or trade it? Maruti might give you loyality bonus if you are planning to buy a new Maruti car.

Answer by Arvind Thaploo 05 May 2010

First off it is not litter (GARBAGE) but litre or liter in American english.I do not tend to believe the figures stated by you.My MARUTI 800 is a decently maintained machine.1994 model,has done 71000 Kms and returns 22 Km/Lt on highways.

Answer by Aniruddha Patwardhan 05 May 2010

it is great that u are getting good mileage, but why do you expect incentive from company ? Many M800 cars give mileage upto 22-23 even sometimes 24 also. if it is more it may not be in all conditions and steady average. Check you meter also if it performs correctly because you must be using it to calculate the mileage. If you have done any invention to get this much mileage then you must get a reward for it.

Answer by Santosh 05 May 2010

Sir i am having my fathers 1996 maruti suzuki 800 model and its running great .till now i am using it and it runs smoothly . I want to know if i want to sell the car what price i

Answer by Shakti Singh Thakur 12 December 2017
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