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I am planning to buy i20 Diesel but in recent test drive i found the gear box is not very smooth - it takes an effort to shift, specially from 1st to 2nd and then to 3rd gear... I did two test drives at different locations and both cars had same issue. Is this a known problem with gear box of i20 diesel? the gear box of petrol model is very smooth and gave no problem.
By Sanjay 05 May 2010

The i20 is definitely underpowered and its also overpriced.

Answer by Robin 05 May 2010

i really cannot comment about the deisel version but i found the petrol version gearshift very smooth .the only problem i think the i20 has is the engine is strained when pushed hard ,i feel it is slightly underpowered in comparsion to its build quality and features .this can completly be my personal opinion,but that's what i personally feel

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

There are no much problems of gearbox of i20.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

i2o is a very gud vehicle.i found it better than fiat punto,scoda fabia,vw polo.It has not gershift problms.I am owning a verna,swift and innova.If i am changing swift vdi,then my next option is i2o itself.I2o is sharing the same engine of verna,but little output reduced than verna.It has really got a xcllnt luks,mileage,power and comfort in the diesel version.The only problm is that it is slightly over priced.

Answer by Mohammad Rijas K 05 May 2010

Yes the i20 is definitely overpriced. Its just the looks in that car nd the power is not as much as it should be. I have used my cousin's i20 and I wasnt very impressed. I'm not surprised that u had a gear problem with it. Talking about ur gear problem, there is the new vista drivetech4. They are promoting their new gearbox! That one is so much better. I have driven that also. Its very buttery and smooth. Gives u a nice feel. U shud try that out. Total VFM! Have a look at this new drivetch4 technology here -

Answer by Mukund 05 May 2010
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