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I want to purchase a Hyundai i20 petrol astra.please help me with ur experiance about the car n perfomance.let me know about the deals n discounts also.
By Ajay 05 May 2010

The i20 is an excellent car in all respects. It has sufficient power, great handling, and is second to none in the looks and finish departments. The engineering quality on this car is definitely superior as well. The deals and discounts you get will depend on where you are and what the dealer you go to can work out. Be sure to drive the car and see how it feels for your taste. Just call the nearest dealer and they will be happy to bring one home!

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

I have recently taken a test drive for the same, and found that although the looks and finish of the car is very good, the performance is average. The engine feels strained if you push it hard. The worst part is the electronic steering which is very vague and does not inspire any confidence, so you can forget about any enthusiastic driving thrills from this car.

Answer by Gagandeep 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Hyundai i20 is a great car with good lot of features, interior space,stylish outlook. Disadvantage is the lower power to weight ratio and comparitively higher price.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Hey i recently came to mumbai and drove around in my cousin's i20! honestly, i like its look, but the drive dsnt live upto ur expectations at all! Performance wise it isnt all that gr8!
It can get a lil confusing. Gagandeep is right, there is no fun in driving this car. Infact, I like the new vista drivetech4 better! I test drove it sometime back and trust me its a dream to drive it. It stands upto the Tata name. Its powerful and lovely to drive. especially the new gearbox. Take a closer look at it and book a test drive. Dont go by wat i am saying and look at it urself! :-)

Answer by Sharada 05 May 2010

as stated by some of our friends i too feel that its a very good car in all aspects but would be fun if it were a bit more powerful, otherwise if you are a decent city driver you wll very much like the car as its got good and bold looks and the finish is exellent as compared to other indian cars in its price range .

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010

Hi Ajay,I am driving i20 Asta since Nov 2009.I had switched over from Palio after driving it for over 7 years.After driving i20 for 5600 km I can clearly say that I am not disappointed.Its a smooth vehicle with a decent pick up and a butter smooth steering which hardens up appropriately at high speed and its not a disadvantage.Road handling is decent although not as good as European cars.Power is adequate for city driving and decent for highways.In fact during city driving at low speeds it feels swifter and smoother with a better drive-ability than Fabia and Jazz although at higher speeds Jazz is superior.Overall this car is a nice deal however if you are a high speed driving enthusiast and fond of racing go and look beyond 1200 cc engine .

Answer by SAMIR GUPTA 05 May 2010

Hi, Pls help me by telling me the effectiveness of i20 ac. i have heard its not good. Pls reply as i am planning to buy one. Thanks.

Answer by Sonal 06 June 2010

Hi guys Ur advices were very helpfull for me in buying a new i20.Its good looking with good performance,great to drive in cities as well as highways but we dont have grandpre tracks, we dont need for this car.
Hi sonal it will be good car to switch on. chao

Answer by Ajay 06 June 2010


Answer by SAMIR GUPTA 06 June 2010
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