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hello have a skoda octavia ,purchased in jan from jmd sanpada barely crossed 3mths and the a/c packed up .yes its under warranty as of 22nd april i have been suffering and driving in the middle of summer till date ie 3weeks took my car to europa skoda there i founf the staff rude and arrogant and looke like they were doing me a grand favour by looking at my car .any ways i was told tht it would take 3-4 days so i referred the same problem to jmd andheriSAKI NAKA ,yes the new workshop. the problem was a leakge from a pipe to the condensor or compressor and the pipe had to be changed i was told the same thing it would take 3-4 days as the part is not available and will have to be ordered from aurangabad..... then i am told that the part is not available in aurangabad and has to be ordered from chzech rep i find this hard to stomach a REPUTED CO LIKE SKODA TODAY ITS THE 10TH OF MAY AND MY PROBLEM HASNT BEEN SOLVED AFTER CALLING UP SKODA CUSTOMER CARE I AM TOLD THAT THE PART HAS BEEN DESPATCHED AND WILL REACH IN 3 -4 DAYS MORE THE POINT IS THAT WHY SHOULD A CUSTOMER SUCH AS MYSELF SUFFER .WHY SHOULD a CO LIKE SKODA TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS LIKE GARBAGE AND THE BEST PART OF IT IS THEY GET AWAy wITH IT WHY I HAVE LOST TOTAL FAITH IN SKODA AND DO NOT WANT TO KEEP THIS CAR ANY LONGER CUSTOMER CARE Was just as arrogant and rude , Mr srinivas and another from bangalore a mr rahul what can be done about this untoward incident this kind of thing wouldnt dare happen in the uk or usa where they have a sound legal system and they care about their customers unlike here in india where the customer care is really 'i dont give a damn ' about the customer what legal action/ and compensation can one take/get wheres the garauntee that my carwill not face any more problems .. i also have a chevy magnum 2 and a half yrs old not one problem fantastic care and service ,shame the co is struggling thats no one on my list, anyways Eagerly await your reply
By Kabir K 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Indeed its worst on part of Skoda service center in not assisting properly.They should have contact Aurangabad office immediately and after conirmation could have ordered the same from Czech. Moreover whenever service is harmed due to parts supply or other reason, the good manners of service executive will atleast act as a temprory relief and belief.Going for legal action may not help as they will be getting sparesshortly and could justify reason for dealy.Hence The solution lies in writing feedback to their regional officer and confirm on going for legals if such cases are repeated.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Kabir, its really bad that you have gone through such a traumatic experience with a co like Skoda. They actually have bad reputation of Customer care and I think you should pull them up in the Consumer Cell. These guys think that by selling these kind of beasts they have finished there job, there actual job starts once the vehicle is with you. I was also owner of Skoda but just due to this I sell off my car, they treat customers as if we are beggars and they are the God.....

SHAME ON YOU Skoda Auto India Ltd.....

Look how your customers are being treated in Metros, JUST IMAGINEEEEEEEEEE the situation of non-metros where you have your showrooms.

Answer by Vicky Sandhu 05 May 2010

hi.i live in mumbai.actually ur problem had been solved easily.if such a situation comes in a future just dont bother and sell that car.u should not remove ur faith from skoda but from their customers.i have one skoda with avery very very very very good u.

Answer by Meet 05 May 2010

you are fighting with Skoda or indian system,
Skoda is european brand but in india. Pls dont forget,
if you think these skoda india people are misbehaving, just longon to skoda web and contact them with your problem, soon they will get back to you with a latent solution, i am sure.

Answer by Praveen 05 May 2010

Don't take this easily Kabir. Go to the service center, ask them to give you the name of the owner as well as the regional manager for not leave until they've either given you those names, or a back up car to use until your car's AC is fixed. You did not spend your hard earned money to have these guys treat you like dirt...things like this do not happen in the US becuase customers do not take things easy. I had a disconnect with Honda when I bought my car and literally threw my car keys and asked them to keep it as I did not want it...they fixed my problem pretty quick! Play hard ball buddy - the customer is king, but only when you act like one!

Answer by Nitin 05 May 2010


Its actually true the way these people handle there customers the parts are not available in most of the time in Delhi NCR which is supposed to be the capital and all brands are there , the cost of maintainence is higher than merc and bmw, it had to get the parts from other countries to get my vehicle repaired and after the courier cost the same part was cheaper than 6o% price aviailable in India, and its true the moment you visit there service centre within a week some other thing will stop malfunctioning,, i had to sell my car within the first year of purchase at a huge loss,best u can try is the consumer court if they can be of some help otherwise these people dont care.

Answer by Parvez 05 May 2010

the superb is a beauty to drive. the back seat ride is really comfy and the leg-room is awesome.
the down side is - company authorized work-shops are PATHETIC (negligent staff & non-availability of spares)
i would personally think twice before buying a skoda AGAIN !!!!
nitin is ABSOLUTELY correct in saying that skoda personal in india treat their customers like 'DIRT'. contact me for skoda czeck's customer care email ID.
i have stopped going to the authorized work-shops. have found a very good private garage in pune for the up-keep and maintenance of my 2004 2.8 V6 superb. have also found a source for MOST skoda spares in mumbai. if i can be of help to u call me @ 9860403072.

Answer by Kaivan Bodhanwalla 06 June 2010

Check the resale of skoda cars. Pathetic. Why? because of this very experience of yours. If it is under warranty, just leave the car with them with a letter that the number of days spent in getting the car in proper working condition should added to your warranty, else they can keep their car. And send a copy of the letter to all concerned media cos. Let Skoda also learn that they cant play around with Indian users.

Answer by Madjack 06 June 2010

I feel very much sorry for Mr.Kabir after spedning more than 10-15 lacs, that too under warranty period this is happended, imagine if warranty period lapsed, what would have been the sitaution? Unimaginable, See in India every car manufacturer is like that, becos our legal system is like that, one can murder and get away with it, one can rape and get away with it,(punishment happens either the offender become old or after his death) but the same is not the case in western world or even in arabic countries, law is very harsh on the offenders. People go by brands and not on service or trustworth, Sell your car immediately even if you are loosing some money, buy a good product from either Maruti or Tata or Mahindra may be they does'nt have luxury cars or world class name but atleast you can drive & live with it without hassles.

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010
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