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What will happen to Mahindra Logan now with Renault deciding to divorce them. Right now i have a problem in my cab and it is in the workshop for last 10 days. The part is not available in Calcutta and they are still to get it from Mahindra Pune. Now if this is the situation now, what will happen after 6 months. What if any part of Renault engine is not available with Mahindra. Is it the time to sell the CAR?
By Saswat Saraph 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Mahindra Renault wil have to ensure proper supply of spares and take care of maiintenance of the cars sold otherwise reputationof both Mahidra and Renault would e affected.Also Renault has big plans for India, they wont be taking chances in meeting customer satisfaction. You can go ahead and use the same as required.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

I suggest you do the right thing and sell your car asap.Resale values of the car area pittance .be prepared for waiting endlessly .You say 10 days ,be prepared to be totured for 3weeks
I made the biggest mistake of my life by buying a brand new skoda .Spare parts of this car are not available they dont make them in their factory they are cheats. My car is 3 months old and my a/c packed up.There should be a law against errant dealers and car manufacturers .Why should the customer suffer???????????

Answer by Kabirk 05 May 2010

I say no. you should try to sell the car. As per MOU Renault will supply all the parts of Engine and Transmission to Mahindra.After 18 months from now Mahindra can change the name and size of Logan but the technical assistance or assemblys will be supplied by Renault.So wait for the part and enjoy the drive.

Answer by Janeshwar Banshtu 05 May 2010

my friend don't same logan wuld be there in except for its size & name rest everything wuld be the same...the main problem is the parts for logan are still imported in india which are definetly of very gud quality but takes a little time it is not that the part is not there but there are mahindra service issues, which is improving day by day now... In delhi logan parts are available in the local market the only thing is due to warranty people prefer company service centres only... Just enjoy the ride don't worry...

Answer by Arun 05 May 2010
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