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What is the best speed to drive ford endeavour on highway to get best mileage.I drove on highway at about 130-140 and got bad mileage of 7.5kpl. Also what is the minimum speed for driving in 5th gear?
By Alok 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

You have't mentioned if its 3.0L or 2.5L version.If its 3.0L engine then mileage you are getting is good.If its 2.5L then the mileage can be improved slightly with running at consistent speed. In 5th gear any speed over 100 KMPH should be good.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Thanks for the response!it is 2.5L engine. Does driving at such high speed of 130 reduces mileage?also should I only move to 5th gear if my speed is above 100?

Answer by Alok 05 May 2010

Best speed to get top mileage would be 100kmph, should be able to get 10-11 kpl. minimun speed for 5th gear would be 80 kmph

Answer by Amit 05 May 2010

I get a good miliage at speeds of 80-90km/hr but any higher speeds can effect your miliage. I use high speed fuel for better miliage. But if your on the highway doing less than 100km/hr does not give you the pleasure of driving a Ford Endeveaour,

Answer by Darryll 05 May 2010
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