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my bajaj pulsar 150 DTS hardly gives 40 kms per litre ever since the first hand purchase in 2009.HOW CAN I INCREASE MY MILEAGE
By Sathish 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

With Bajaj Pulsar 150 CC you can get the mileage of 45KMPL max. The mileage canbe improved by reducing loss of fuel like switching off engine if idling for is longer than 30 secs, avoiding erratic acceleration etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

keep ur bike 2 a single user.... 4 sumtime... n den check d diff.... n proper oil change... i hav measured 55kmpl wid my pulsar 180... so 150 shud be better...

Answer by Joshil 05 May 2010

It should be certainly better. I get around 50-55kmpl. driving style could be a problem. Sudden accelaration and decelaration could be part of the problem. You need not reach the traffic signal at full speed and then stop, prempt when you need to slowdown and release the accelarator. There are so many otherways. However if it doesn't improve with that, get it checked with a machanic.

Answer by Nilabh Jha 05 May 2010

It depends on driving condition.And the why u drive.
I was having 55 avg with my previous 150cc bike

Answer by Rahul 05 May 2010


Answer by Sudhakar 10 October 2013

hi my bike pulsar 150 giving 30-35 kmpl only how i improve ..................

Answer by Aavi 10 October 2013

hi my bike giving 40 kmpl only i dnt knw how to improve plz give u r valuble sggsns plzzzzzzz

Answer by Naresh 09 September 2013

my bajaj pulsor 150cc gives me around 65 kmpl.Try to maintain the recommended tyre pressure such as for the front tyre 25 and rear tyre 32.

Answer by Manoj 09 September 2013

Always drive the bike in fuel tank "main" position, avoid driving in reserve fuel, get chain and chain s pocket lubricated every 100 Km and maintain the actual tyre pressure. It will definitely improve the bikes average.

Answer by George Peter Dean 08 August 2013

Hi.. my bike pulsar 150 giving 33-35kmpl only, took 3 months back... plz give me some suggestions to improve average.

Answer by Chetan 12 December 2013


My Bike Pulsar 150 Give me to 62-65 milage to Improve in seting in " AIRPIN " .And Change the Air Pin - mo 9998949966

Answer by Pradip Kathi 05 May 2014


Answer by ATIK 11 November 2014

Initially my pulsar's avg. was 50 but after 28000 kms, it is now 25 KMPL...I also get the same checked with mechanic, but no improvement...otherwise Bike is very good.

Answer by Saurav 02 February 2015

hi my pulzr 150 given 58 per km

Answer by Nifasdeen 10 October 2015

hi i am mala my bajaj pulzr 150 givan 62 per km

Answer by Mala Kumary 10 October 2015

pulser 150 kharidne k bad naya naya kitna maelag deta hei ??.plzz ansr me...

Answer by Dipjyoti Sarma 07 July 2016

yes all you are right, even I am also facing same problem...

Answer by Mahesh 08 August 2016

Pulser 150 have How many litters in reso

Answer by Abdul Hameed 09 September 2016

No matter when you fill petrol. Mine gives 48kmpl optimum. Oil change (ValV 4T 20W50) every 3000kms. No vigorous acceleration at traffic. Maintain speed from 50-60. Highway 60-70kmph. Every 1000kms - chain clean & lubrication which was my extra care apart from service.

Answer by Anand 10 October 2016

sir i am old puslar 2009 model 150 cc milage how to improve milage 35 kmpl

Answer by Suresh 03 March 2017

2011 modal pulsar 150 ,40000 used to kitna avg degiiiiiiiiii

Answer by Rakesh Patil 04 April 2017

Hi guys,

I m thiru, last month I taken on new pulsar 150 CC, but millage is very poor, only 41 km,

Answer by Thiruppathi 09 September 2017

Hi guys,

I m thiru, last month I taken on new pulsar 150 CC, but millage is very poor, only 41 km,

Answer by Thiruppathi 09 September 2017

My bike pulsar 150 of petrol run by 1,km to milage kitna hoga

Answer by Shashank 01 January 2018
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