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I have 6 month old Passion Pro bike. Km is around 2500. But it gives me still now in the city 50-51km/lt.I want to improve my bikes mileage. I want to in the city around 60 km/lt. and in the highway 65 km. please give me advise how can i improve my bikes mileage? Please please . Its too much poor mileage from Passiom Pro Bike.
By Shiva 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Mileage of 50 KMPL is quite good considering the performance and cc of engine. However mileage can be improved slightly by using premium grade petrol and better rating oils.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

U can expect 55-60 mileage is better, if u need more than this u have to visit mechanic for minor adjustments, but accordingly pickup will get down. Also, pls note that if u adjust for mileage purpose, the engine life will be getting down. So, better 50-60 is good for this bike.

Answer by Sudhakar 05 May 2010

Dear Shiva,
I hav ownd passion plus for aprx. 4 yrs and drvn fr 52000km. Rembr-Never drv yr bike abv 45km/hr fr fst 5000 km,serv on time and only at hero honda autrisd outlt,if posbl chose 1 ptrl pump,lrn minr repairs urslf,

Answer by Nishesh Seth 05 May 2010

Dear Shiva,

The actual mileage of passio, passion plus or passion pro in the city is 50-55km/ltr. You take care to constant this mileage to feature years by taking monthly service and oil changing. The highways mileage is 65-70 of this bike. So you don't try to any work in that bike for giving more mileage unless your bike get painful.

Answer by Narayan Jadhav 05 May 2010

Dear Shiva,
your bike give good mileage 50KMPL, passion pro maximum mileage 45-50 KMPL in city.

Answer by Rajesh Yadav 09 September 2011
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