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Till date i want to buy a new tata safari 2.2vtt dicor but due to some suggestion i delayed the programme.Many of them said that safari is not a good suv.As it have high maintainance cost and car comes with many problem excluding interior.Does 2.2 vtt dicor engine have any major problem if yes then what are the problems and if i run near about 1000km/month then what is its round off maintainance cost ??? Does it's a good decision to buy a safari other than mahindra scorpio as i am very much pleased with safari..... Plz answer me as i am very much confused .Reply must
By Shekhar 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Tata Safari is a succesful SUV. There are no much problems except regular maintenance.It has been in market since quite long and if there was major fault in it it could not have survived in market.Also there is consistent improvement performance and features. Compared to Scorpio the maintenace would be bit higher on account of higher cost of spares.Also power output of safari by 20 BHP than scorpio.In overall it would be worth going for Safari.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

i ve driven my safari 79000kms in 14 months without trouble execpt for regular and timely service if u maintain the vehicle right from the begining it will not trouble you at all .stories cooked by some people who are not actual owners or who have bought a second hand vehicle used roughly earlier gives a negative image otherwise the safari dicor 2.2 is a completly trouble free vehicle offcourse its spares are a bit costlier . then if u drive a merc you cannot expect the maintainance cost of an alto. (im using the 2.2 dicor not the earlier version which was a bit underpowered)

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010

Hi Shekhar,as of time Dicor is one of the proved engine.Each vehicle has its own pros & cons.If properly used & well maintained periodically Safari Dicor is one of the best SUV in India.

Answer by Clement Joseph 05 May 2010

hey shekhar, before 6 7 months i was in same situation like you. but finally bought safari LX b4 six month. in six months i drove 20k but not a major problem i have faced. dont go for VX or EX. i guess LX is smart choice @ 8.5Lakh. in summer like this u will face little problem with ac but overall its a nice package @ 8.5.

Answer by Hemal 05 May 2010

The safari is much powerful and better in quality than the scorpio and has a better image in the market and service is needed after 15000km or one year which ever is earlier so go in for the safari its a great suv and a pleasure to drive.

Answer by Rishabh 05 May 2010

Dear Shekar jee,
please go for the same, As per Mr. Shiva Advice as i have same vehicle and there is no such problem that confuse you.
we have drive more then 20000 km. in different road and long drive also.

Thank you.

Answer by Rama Shanker Pandey 05 May 2010

It is a value for money SUV, form my opinion and experience. That vehicle is able to protect the life of you and your fellow passengers. I am saying this from my experience.

Have you ever noticed any news on a major accident for Safari and the passengers wounded fatally or died in comparison with Innova/Scorpio?

If an Innova gets a frontal collision bet you; only the rear door will remain unaffected. There was a resent accident happened in Kerala with a KSRTC bus [Asok Leyland] on which the front suspension of the Bus got separated. Think the impact of the collision. From the news videos I observed, only the rear door wan intact and all 5 passenger are dead. Several other cases, where Scorpio included, it was too fatal or too severe.

There another incident from my personal experience. I was travelling in a Safari [96 Model which had a good interior cushioning done all over] from Trivandrum to Ernakulum and on way before reaching Ernakulam, I changed to an Accent belonged to another friend and was following the Safari. Reason was I was in the rear seat and got tired more over the view was not good. One of us joined in Safari and I continued with the Accent. The guy who was driving Safari [the owner] got some rally experience too.

Before reaching Ernakulam Town, while the Safari was moving in a high speed of around 115-120 [one who sitting in the second row was tensed and observing the speedo] trying to overtake and Esteem. Unfortunately the front rt. tyre busted because of some reasons and the vehicle lost the control. It climber over the median, rolled horizontally 3 times and stand still upside down. Normally what we can expect the fate of the 5 inside?

All my 4 classmates and the driver [who is a friend of one among them] peeped out through the rear and side window glass openings, which got removed and no one even had a scratch on their body. Only one got slight shoulder pain.

The vehicle was in a bad shape and was towed from rear. The hard and tough frame was intact and while rolling, the weight of the car was evenly distributed to the pillars and because this nothing happened to the travellers.

People may say that Safari is not used on roads as Scorpio and Innova for speeding and power usage. May be correct. Still remember the accidents I mentioned above, ad still more examples to state from my observation.

My Verdict. Safari is a solid car, with sufficient body weight and chassis strength. Tata has used enough steel to make the users life secure while driving. You may get a cool driving experience in other cars, but the safety feeling wont be there if you know the reality.


Answer by Shine 05 May 2010

Go 4 safari it has a bold look and features. Boot space is good. I don't knw abt other states but youth in Delhi & Punjab prefer safari

Answer by Gobind 05 May 2010


Answer by PANKAJ PR 09 September 2013


Answer by KAPIL 09 September 2013

1. Can anyone suggest for a service how much amount it takes?
2. if my car travels 600 km/mnth then how much it takes?

Answer by Kartik 11 November 2014

Sir quie answer tata safari dicor is best car in suv yes ya no

Answer by Dilipgoswani 09 September 2013


Answer by Narayan Raj A 09 September 2013

Indeed its a best SUV in India and is the only SUV which can stand near other european SUVs.....Scorpio is made for tourist taxi drivers

Answer by Avinash 08 August 2013

thanx a lot shine for writing this.

Answer by Maria 08 August 2012

go for safari, its a good choice.... service interval of 15000 km's or a year doesnt matters a lot...

Answer by Gagan 10 October 2012

I am thinking of buying a tata 4x4 dc 2.2l advise please

Answer by Sibo 11 November 2014

Got Safari and xenon great vehicles. Problems cambelt needs modification, alternator bearings, some front suspension troubble, Safe and economical vehicle. 2.2l is a solid engine with great power (more than the 3L)

Answer by Bentleyafrica 04 April 2013

safari 2.2 king of roads... go for it..

Answer by Gagan 01 January 2014

Dicor is better than Scorpio in look & performances fule average 15km/ltr .I have lx BS-4 Model 2012.running till date without problem.

Answer by Narendra Rai 03 March 2014


Answer by RAMANDEEP 03 March 2014

I HAVE HAD A SAFARI DICOR 2.2 FOR.THE Last 2 years it is a brilliant vehicle . Apart from regular service once a year no problems at al.
I have a scorpio to but safari dicor bette

Answer by NITIN RAI 05 May 2014

@ Narendra Rai n all - plz tell me avg maintenance for safari dicor lx for every 15000 kms at present market....i live in maharashtra..

Answer by Dr Yadav 06 June 2014

Can somebody give me the mounting torque specifications for a new cylinder head ( Engine 2.2 Dicor ) . Tata Spain is not able to give me the data ...

Answer by Xavier 09 September 2014

Want to buy Second hand tata safari 2008 m confused between safari,scorpio,innove which one i hv heard safari maintenance is vry.high.spare part are also expensi

Answer by Amit Dhawan 09 September 2014

I have Tata Safari dicor2.2 from last 3 years, already driven 89000 kms till now I had spent 1 lakh on it. once I changed all 4 tyres and after 80000 kms changed suspension end shockers etc. were changed.
had driven to auli with 13 people in it. and it climbed easily on snow also when other suv with chains etc. were struck but it went along.

I was in jammu when flood came safari went inside water and water came inside but still it was running and we safely crossed it.

If you face any problem in it just google it you can repair it yourself only small things and check are required . to keep this monster ready..

till now I had never crossed 2500 rpm ,
I accelerate it slowly even I had driven this beast from delhi to jhalandhar at a speed of 170km/h. I know it was foolish.

really good suv and in this price you do not have any other choice..

Answer by Avnish Joy 08 August 2015

Can anyone tell me that how much it costs for one servicing for Tata Safari (on yearly or 15k KM basis) ? Also I am planning to buy 2008/09 model , i am bit confused between Safari Dicor / Scorpio ? Please suggest.

Answer by Arjun Joshi 09 September 2015

I want buy tata safari storm i like this but i chk just reveiw .. But 90 percent people saying dont buy safari because toomuch problems 10 percent saying safari good . iam confused

Answer by Sajeevan 11 November 2015

Pls give me advise safari good or no ...

Answer by Sajeevan 11 November 2015

Pls give me advise safari good or no ...

Answer by Sajeevan 11 November 2015

Even I am also planing to obtain a vx variant

Answer by Adv.sujith 12 December 2015

Sir I am buying a second hand tata safari Ex car .From one of my friend .In 4 lackh it was driven 75000 km so,can you tell me that it was a good deal for me or not ...model 2009

Answer by Shivendra Singh 12 December 2015

my safair is giving me prblems the battry i changed aft it was giving me start issues but even after changinthe battry the horn keep on blowing n my key switch doesnt work for plain side it is gud but in hilly areas it has a lot of prblems

Answer by Hater Of Tata Safari 12 December 2015


Answer by Swathi 12 December 2015


Answer by Swathi 12 December 2015

I am also fan of tata safari. my first vehicle is TATA SIERA and second is TATA SAFARI 3.0L and now i am having third vehicle TATA SAFARI Dicor 2.2vtt Black colour. Recently this vehicle got fire in VIJAYAWADA City and luckily we family members escaped from fire. Fire started from engine side and front area fully people said you added accessories that's why fired.i told it was fitted when vehicle was delivered from show room and now this is three years old.No single paise received and also my vehicle was not repaired properly in Vijayawada Jasper Showroom.From that day i hate the tata Safari.Even my family persons and my best friends are telling me sell it. Because of i am fan of TATA SAFARI I Could not 4 years my vehicle run Kilometer is only 60000. My neibhure will ask me your vehicle is looking still new. See the condition of my life.this is TATA.

Answer by KILARI SUBRAMANYAM 05 May 2016

very good car

Answer by Pranav 09 September 2016

I have a safari 2.2 lx and its very good , done 110000km no issues .... done miss you regualr service @15000km

Answer by AIYAPPA 10 October 2016

how many kms 2.2 engine can run? i have crossed 171000kms till now

Answer by Thiliph 01 January 2017

I also have safari dicor 2.2 LX it's run 127000 and i did't face any problem till now it's the best SUV in this price

Answer by Aakash 01 January 2017

I also have safari dicor 2.2 LX it's run 127000 and i did't face any problem till now it's the best SUV in this price

Answer by Aakash 01 January 2017

Safari not good car faliluvar car

Answer by Ajith 06 June 2017

Warst car safari

Answer by Ajith 06 June 2017

Warst car safari

Answer by Ajith 06 June 2017
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