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i m interested in a new car can u please tell disadvantages in buying hyundai accent, if any, as people r saying tht it is an old technology car which may be phased out soon. thanx in advance
By Ankur 05 May 2010

It has the company fitted LPG option (really good one)
Pick-up and milage is really good in LPG

Bit outdated
Its a cops car in CHENNAI(Like singapore)
There are aroung 100 Accents with CHENNAI POLICE(I think its first time in INDIA)
Sure they will stop this model soon

Answer by Sasi 05 May 2010

Hi i have accent frm past 5 years & i am not facing any problem in my car about technology.
Also moreever technology is the thing which always getting improve day by day.
U can go with accent executive with all latest aminities.
Buying accent is always decent.

Answer by Darshan 05 May 2010


Why not Fiet Linea? It's 80% spares are imported & the car is as cheaper as Indeco Manza & SX4, try to streach ur budget little bit & go with it. It's a future packed strong car, even latest too...

Answer by Swapnil Natu 05 May 2010

Hi Ankur,

Don't be confuse ....i am using hunadai accent from last 3 years with CNG.its good one.....firstly please take the test drive after that you will not ask these types of question.
if i ll give the rating then it would be 8.5/10

Answer by Praveen 05 May 2010

main thing is that what is ur budget .Accent is a good car but very old model.

Answer by Arun Jain 05 May 2010

Buying "Accent" is always Decent.
I have Accent GVS from 2003 and i'm not facing any problem in my car about technology.
You can go with Accent Executive with all latest aminities.

Answer by Asish Kumar Raut 05 May 2010

Accent is a very decent car and i am using it for the last 5 years. I have new swift also but i prefer Accent over it(although 5 years old)
Cons Mileage
It is no doubt an oldish looking car but a price bracket for a sedan is excellent

Answer by Harpreet 05 May 2010

Yes, Accent is a bit outdated.. but considering the pricing and the value for money for a sedan.. its worth it... Accent 2010 model is yet to be launched... i would recommomend to wait for this one..

Answer by Faris 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Aaccent is one of the most successful sedans in India.However with increse in new launches it has become bit outdated.Also fact that Hyundai will soon be discontinueing Accent does matter. Hence other cars like Base model Verna or Manza, Aaveo would make better alternative

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010
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