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i m interested in a new car can u please tell disadvantages in buying hyundai accent, if any, as people r saying tht it is an old technology car which may be phased out soon. thanx in advance
By Ankur 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though Accent is one of the most successfu sedans in India, its fast loosing image as new car.Also Hyundai has plans of phasing out Accent soon. Hence it would be worth going for Verna or other sedans like Fiesta or Manza dependig upon budget range and preferences.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

i totally agree with Shiva ...

You should go with latest technology ... Accent is good car but high for maintainence .....

Answer by Amit 05 May 2010

hi ankur,
hmmm, i am tired of listening to accent, getting phased out, i bought, it last year, i didnt go for a costlier car, as i have limited use of car, and i needed a sedan, for highway travel, i prefer driving in city in smaller maruti 800, i didnt think it was wise to waste money buying city or fiesta, which were couple of lakhs costlier,
coming to accent, in last year i hv driven about 8000km, and immensely satisfied, with the car. really no disadvantages so far,
if u like the car, test drive it, and if satisfied, just buy it, after all its ur money, and if u can get same things, for far less, why spend, more,in city , verna, or fiesta, , if any one has enough money to splurge, man go for an audi or bmw, otherwise all these cars discussed above are same. i mean 1500 to 1600 cc engine, and same power same torque etc, so if u can get more in less, why not get it, accent is vfm as far as i think,
happy driving

Answer by Umesh 05 May 2010

Very High maintenance and low resale value, Even 50-60 k mileage in Diesel Cars , people are realy scared to buy Accent cars because of Early engine Breakown..

Answer by Bala S 05 May 2010
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