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how good is nano car?
By Raj 05 May 2010

Tough question to answer. IF it doesn't catch fire, it is a well designed box looks wise, but not a top performer for the money you pay. Your money is better spent on another second hand car.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

Not Tough the Best answer is The Best Car in this Price Tag. Power Ful Ac.. BS4 Engine, Etc...

Answer by Priya Rani 05 May 2010

they just misspelt it. it should read NO NO!

Answer by Minoo Shroff 05 May 2010

I am the proud owner of nano. Its a excellent Car! Excellent Millege, Good Looking & Suitable for a Nano Family.

Last 5 month i am driving nano. I have no problem.

Answer by Amol 05 May 2010

Mr. BS Kumar is a negative mathew,Even world;s leading car makers like toyota is facing a lot of trouble with sudden acceleration and in US they have called back more than 10 lakhs cars. There is only a few instances of burning and still mr Kumar is much bothered, Let him not buy a nano, So also Minoo Shroff. It is just like the sour grapes, I am strill waiting to get my hands on Nano in July 2010

Answer by Vijayakumarpn 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Tata Nano is value for the money car. It would be a ideal family car for city usage and limited long drives.
As far as comments from Mr B S Kumar is concerned there are reports of Maruti car also getting fire and tragically one passenger also died. However it has not affected the image of the company. Its quite tragic to see Mr Kumar is after Tata Motors and only Tata Motors.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

apart than me there are other people also who have started noticing bs kumars anti tata campaign now hardly anyone takes his comments seriously afterall if a person claiming to be 6.2ft tall finding alto very comfortable should not be taken seriously . nano is a good car in its price range ,good pickup ,good ac, easy to drive ,very good for city conditions, easy to park and above all good average .even a country like france has invited tatas to put up their plant over there for producing nano , most of the people driving or owning this car are very satisfied customers .as far as fire incidents are concerned different people have various versions about the incident which is the most hyped incident some people say the car was modified from normal to power steering belonged to an insurance agent and inspite of being a good driver the agent asked the car to be driven by a company driver some people find the incident a bit fishy.overall the response from actual nano owners is good its a good city car much better than a second hand car above all what are u paying ?,neighbour's envy owners pride.

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010

201399 units of tata cars were sold in 2009 i.e third in india and abroad by any indian passenger car manufacterer i dont think 201399 people were fools to waste money on such unproven products! Tata makes good cars and we cant deny it. They have proven themselves time and again. As rightly said by Abhishek, some incidents can happen with any car company! Not just Tata. I personally love their latest addition, the vista drivetech4! I think its a great competition for the other hatchs!

Answer by Himanshu 05 May 2010

Salam Namaste !! I m Sure you had Now Realized that Where r u Mr Kumar !! Do not Involve u r self very much in anti Tata Campaign Warna Sath Mein Mr. tata to retire Nahi hue aap ho jaoge...

Answer by Priya 05 May 2010

It is an auto with 4 wheels and 4 doors.why don't u wait for "maruti cervo"??????

Answer by Janeshwar Banshtu 05 May 2010

if nano is an auto but autos are costlier now what do you expect from maruti cervo a super luxury car with 7 tyres and 8 doors in that price range along with a thailand trip as a gift if a person has to buy a car now how is he to wait for year and what is the surety that when cervo comes you will not ask him to wait for bajaj to launch their car .raj it would be better to test drive the nano yourself and find out whether it suits or not .bcos if u start taking advice from everybody you will be old by the time u decide to buy a car for urself. nano is an exceptional car in its price range i repeat its price range. and as far as bs kmris concerned boss tussi great ho, get well soon mamu.

Answer by Aashu 05 May 2010

Hello friends,

Why my friends like Sachin, Rajiv, Himanshu chasing Mr.Kumar don't understand, it is his personal opinion yar thats it! Anybody in India will buy car based on facts and not merely by anybody's comments, simple logic (as we Indians consists most as Middle class and money spending for car like rare occasion in lifetime and after thinking heavily only invest in good car buying) and yes Nano is good car but initial burning issues made it little worry as such, but that never bothered much of Indians, as still people think Nano is very cheap & affordable for middle class.

Answer by S Joshi 05 May 2010

ecellent - value for money

need power sterring & some luggage space

Answer by Nitinbhai 05 May 2010

earlier i was the only one against kumar's baseless logicless talk now other regulars have also noticed his personal hatred for the tata cars .Mr joshi with all due respect to u ,i again repeat personal views on public platform does not mean irresponsible statements or personal bias you need to be responsible if u are suggesting a person about spending his hard earned money ,every answer should be based on some logic and personal experience , not whatever you feel like, we are not playing a game we are AWARE vehicle owners,if a person is so indisciplined that he cannot control his personal feelings on a public platform he will be critisised whether he likes it or not if i make a loose statement even i wont be spared and i suppose you have not noticed Mr shiv shankar our generally very sober and to the point car expert's statement about kmr even he has found the comments joshi as stated earlier every action has its equal and opposite reaction so why cry.NANO IS A GOOD CAR IN ITS PRICE RANGE .

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010

Dear Mr joshi,
it would be a appreciated if u kept to the point and talked about cars instead of preaching and defending some person . my cousin has bought the nano ive driven and find it an absolute pleasure ,its is boon for the middle class of india which gives the pride of owning a car to many who had not dreamt of having a car at such a low price. THANKS U MR TATA .

Answer by Ranju 05 May 2010

Nano is a small car with 2 Cylinders and Power(cc)also very less, so don't expect more. "If the Quality is more quantity will be less and Quantity is more quality will be less" If we understand the above formula there will be no
arguments. In the low range cc Nano will be good but don't
compare with bigger cc vehicles.

Answer by Jins 05 May 2010
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