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I would like to have new car but confused between I-10(1.1 magna-IRDE), New Wagon R, Figo & Beat. My main concers are mileage, comfort, service centre and low maintenance. I have been told that I-10 is good option in all my concern. Please suggest.
By Sagar 05 May 2010

Please test drive all the cars before you find out what you would like to drive. However, going by specifications and reviews and some personal experience, the i10 is a pretty capable performer. All the above are relatively new cars, so they won't show their maintenance problems that much yet!

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

Hey Sagar, for your consideration about the mileage, comfrt,service centre and low maintenance, there is nothing better than the Vista drivetech4! I own the indica v2! And it has always given me gr8 performance! This new one is a beautty! U must check it out and see for urself by taking a test drive. Nice family car it is!

Answer by Karan Rastogi 05 May 2010

all the cars you have selected are real performers i10 and wagonr come from the companies who have a history of giving very good service in india ford figo is being liked by alot of people for its value for money features .my personal choice would be 1st :wagon r for a fresh new technologicaly upgraded model fresh new look and a history of performance.2nd ford figo: very comptetive pricing feature rich .3rd indica vista smooth ride comfortable ride then the others .

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010

As a city car Beat is the winner, though boot is small.

Answer by Rakesh 05 May 2010

Hey Sagar, I would advice you to first and foremost do a testdrive, incase you dont plan to drive, still sit in all seats..front and back and take a call on the comfort feel. My personal opinion is the i10 is less roomy somehow as compared to the earlier santro zing, Tata cars, well, I would love to buy them, because I admire the Tata group, but the idea of components failing on me doesnt inspire me enough although they offer the best vfm deals. Maruti has been the most reliable, but the dark horse in this category is the Chevy beat, superlative. Very spacious (not comparing with indica vista, no one beats the vista in space:)), very sporty looking, the freshest looks, and the renewed Chevrolet promise. Ok, figo is out of discussion for me. Smallest inside space, and the ford name is enough, check the resale market, doest any of their models have good resale value? even the ford diesel is a very old duratorq diesel.
But there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration before u decide just which car.
Objective for buying yr car..people movement, or single person office commute etc etc. So thats abt space
Then the maintenance etc will factor in.
So as per my suggestion:
1. Beat
2. Wagon R
3. Vista
4. i10
sorry no ford

Answer by Madjack 05 May 2010


Answer by DEEPAK PUNE 05 May 2010

Dear Sagar,
Go for Hyundai i10, now it comes in Euro-4, so you can take better mileage of about 19.81 kmpl*, Hyundai gives warranty of 2 years or unlimited Kms & its services schedule is also very good...
Hyundai is nice brand name and also give better car to the people of India.
If you have any query than call me on my mobile 09997311002

Answer by Amit Garg 05 May 2010

just close your eyes and go 4 beat

Answer by Meet 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the options mentined, Ford Figo would be a good selection for its spacious interiors,decent style and price.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Shiva Shankar,

I would you specify Ford Figo, even me lately was thinking of FOrd Figo, I am also in dilemma, i look for bigger space and mileage.
if you dont mind can specify what are the +ve of Ford figo compared to other models. I liked the pricing first catch, secondly I belive space is the best in this segment correct me if i am wrong,

thanks in advance

Answer by Neelu 05 May 2010

Go for Wagon R. Its trouble free vehicle.

Answer by Amit Saini 05 May 2010

Shiva Shankar,
typo sorry there,

it should b why would you specify ford figo

Answer by Neelu 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

The advantage of Figo is the bigger boot space of 284 Liters, Power of 70 BHP, good leg and head room,competitive price tag.Also as the parts cost has been reduced for ford cars, the maintenence cost would not be as high compared to Ikon or Fusion of Ford.
The ZXi varient would be a good selection as it comes with front power windows,fog lamp, defogger,rear wind shield washer,music system.Please check link below for detailed review

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010
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