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Hallo experts, VW polo is having 3cylinder engine,where as almost all cars in India is having 4 cylinders engine. wht are the advatages & diadvantages having 3 cylinder engine in polo ? Raj.Mumbai
By Raj 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

The advantage of 3 cylinder engine is the reduced overall weight of engine,and hence improved mileage, also the cost of manufacturing and maintenance would be lesser than compared to similar capacity 4 culinder engine.In 4 cylinder the cc of each engine is less and also the stress induced would also be lesser and hence wear and tear would be lesser,however it also depends upon the material used in manufacture.Maruti Suzuki Alto,Astar,Estillo,New Wagon R all have 3 cylinder engine.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

There is no need to be aprehensive about 3 cylinder enginer.My friend has travelled 400km nonstop in polo very recently after he purchased it and said it gave a very comfortable ride.Manufacturing wise 4 cylinder engine is easy to make than 3 cylinder one, it seems, only experts can clarify that.Overall with waiting period of 4 months, polo looks less attractive than its competitors.Servie network will be a big challenge to polo buyers.Just check on that before finalising it.If already bought..have a nice drive.No need to worry on this German marvel.

Answer by Ramprasad 05 May 2010
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