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I am 48 yrs old and want to purchase a second hand car either Zen, Santro or Indica. My budget is very low upto Rs.1 - 1.5 lac. I am totally known for 4 wheeler mechanism. Is it possible to get this vehicle and which is suitable to me considering low maintenance and good mileage. I will appreciate for yr response.
By Jugalkishor Gohil 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the budget range mentioned Maruti Suzuki 800 would be a better selection.Though power is bit low, you can get a very good conditioned one and maintenance cost would also be lower.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Please contact True Value at any Maruti Outlets, you will get a car as per your budget also 1 year warrenty.

Answer by Jins 05 May 2010

hi, buying a zen would be a better chioce.try to get a less driven Zen(not more then 60000 km) and not too old. it should be 1998 and above model.

Answer by Nayan 05 May 2010

I own a 1997 Zen Automatic and am looking for a buyer. If interested pls call on 98211 52950

Answer by Adil Daruwalla 05 May 2010

I think you should go for the MPFi zen. Santro is too high maintenance. I have one so I know. I'm looking to sell it also. Indica I'm not too sure.

Answer by Manish 05 May 2010

Any day a 800, cause for the price you will get a better 800 than a Zen, I have had a Zen and it is a beautiful car but for 1.5 you surely get a "newer" 800 than Zen.

This is assuming power steering is not a concern.

Answer by SamuraiJack 05 May 2010

I would definetly ask you to go for Zen Diesel which is an awesome car my friend has one and he use's it like a moter bike because of it's low maintainance and high mileage also awesome pick up than compared to any othert in your price I think we can get a zen (Diesel)non power staring of well maintained car model above 97-98 in the market.with a/c though people say it's maintainance is high infact it's not because we have been using it past2 yr's.

Answer by SAF 05 May 2010

hi... sir
i think zen is better option for you this car is low maintaince and zen engine is great in a/c and his performance so buy a 2000-2002 model car in this budget.

Answer by Ravinder 05 May 2010

You Choose for maruti 800. In your range m 800 is best value for money car. Zen is always royal.

Answer by Anil 05 May 2010

If your looking to buy M.Zen I have got a well maintained 2001Diesel superb condition,New Tyres,good outlook,player,
Good Luck!!

Answer by Imtiaz 05 May 2010

priceL 1,35000only!!Good Luck

Answer by Imtiaz 05 May 2010

I own a Maruti ZEN LXI, 1996 Model. A good condition, Well maintained, sporty look car. I am located in Bangalore. I think, this will be suitable for your budget too. If you are interested, please contact me.


Answer by Jayakrishnan 05 May 2010
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