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hi i am using honda unicorn how much average can i except
By Ali 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

With Unicorn you can get mileage of 50 to 55 KMPL max.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

It depends on how u drive. My one gives around 45km/ltr

Answer by Mandeep 05 May 2010

I am using Unicorn since 2006 , fantastic, bke, on long routes I even extracted 80/kmpl, normal city conditions I make 55-60/kmpl, which also depends on the driving habits of an individual

Answer by Sujeet Mukherjee 05 May 2010

i have a unicorn with mac wheels, and self gave me 55-60 intially when i bought a new one, but recently i am getting around 45 km/ltr in city traffic. i normally dont travel outside.

Answer by Ankit Majethia 05 May 2010

It depends on the driving habbits. I use to get 45 to 50 in chennai traffic.

Answer by Gautham 05 May 2010

when you buy a new bike it will probably give you some where near 60-65 average. but within 6-7 months in case you have a habbit of rash driving, it will come down.. rapidly to 35-40, but in case you have an easy driving you can expect some where near to 50-55 average....

Answer by ROHIT TALWAR 05 May 2010

When you start the bike for the first time in the day, do not use electric start, use manual kick and choke. For the first 10 kilometers ensure that you do not cross 40 kmph and 4000 rpm. I am getting upto 60 km per liter using the above startegy, plus i use nitrogen to fill both the tires.

Answer by Avi 05 May 2010


Mainly depends on how you drive and how you maintain the bike. For me, in chennai traffic, it gives 57kmpl.

Answer by Dinesh 05 May 2010

normally in city u should get an average of 40-45 kmpl and on highways it should be 55-60kmpl..but to get good average dont apply clutch many times while on moving..
i got max average as 74kmpl while i drive from kadapa to tirupathi..

Answer by Firoz Rahiman 05 May 2010

hii it depends on ur driving habbit if u keep speedo needle in between 60 and 40 u will get a decent mileage about 55 km/ltr and always keep rpm below 4 if u bother about mileage. if u keep like this u can expect 55 to 60 and avoid over usage of clutch....

Answer by Vishal Panicker S 05 May 2010

Depends on driving style, 50-60km/h with RPM below 5k one may expect 55-60KMPL. I am using Unicorn Since may2008 and 26k run i get 58KMPL Avg and its consistent.Soft driving skill within 50-60Km/H and minimum usage of clutch and brake.Ignition off on signals.Very Nice smooth bike ultimate handling on road.

Answer by Shree 05 May 2010

I get average about 55 to 56 km a liter incity &60 on highway.I am using the bike since 2005.

Answer by DEEPAK BAPAT 05 May 2010

I am using a Honda Uniocorn for the last 3 years,I am getting 50 - 52 kms mileage in City.
1. Smooth engine
2. Low maintenance
3. good shock absorbers
4. good for long drive

Answer by Anu Cajetan 05 May 2010

I am using honda unicorn since 2005. You can get 50-52 in city traffic and on long drives you can expect 58 KMPL with good driving.

Answer by Suresh 05 May 2010

My unicorn gives me between 55-60 kmpl. It usually gives me 55-57 in city condition and about 60 on highway.

Answer by Deepak 05 May 2010

Hi U can expect minimum average of 50 kms in traffic

Answer by Zeeshan 05 May 2010

How to maintain my honda unicorn guys

Answer by Raj 01 January 2013

hi m using unicorn from 2008 my bike does not give me more than 36 k.m per litter ... what is solution ... am normal driver ....

Answer by Gokul Waghmare 09 September 2011

I using newly bought unicorn bike gives only 32 km and riding it an average speed of 40-45 max and i am very good riding manner also ....Its a warts thing for me....

Answer by Mallikarjun Banglore 01 January 2013

I recently got my june2012 with only 10200 till gives me a average of 35 kmpl. no matter i ride..and i use it on highways with max speed of 85....and rpm is around 7..
what should i do to get average.....

Answer by JAVED SHAIKH 01 January 2013

i want by one bike w one can i buy? w bike give more milege?

Answer by Muralidhara.c 02 February 2013

Hi dear friends i want to purchase Honda unicorn bike in this month 16th... Those who have using this bike can u please tell me the real mileage given this bike.. please this is first bike in my life and what special in this bike.?

Answer by Sathisha H G 02 February 2014

After 6 months I am getting 40 km/l. Innitially it was giving 48km/l. Feeling very sad.

Answer by Sanjay 05 May 2014

maximum y can x pert 45in city driving in high ways 55

Answer by Lee 02 February 2015

mileage of 55kms in city

Answer by Nani 05 May 2018

It will give max 40 in city traffic , nothing much ,

Answer by Praveen 09 September 2019
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