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Hi, i have Tata indica V2, 2005 diesel model n feel that the car refuses to move forward upslope especially if AC's on...even otherwise car's pickup is so poor.. i drive it in mumbai almost 15km's everyday n approx. 300km's out of town once a month. my local mechanic says it could b bcoz of wear n tear of clutch n brake due to mumbai trafic.. i have not even driven it 50,000 kms......wats d solution?
By Sachin Kachare 05 May 2010

I also drive diesel car, i have lancer, indica & indica vista.

Diesel cars need cleaning of pump time to time.
You will feel the change by it

Answer by KUNAL CHOPRA 05 May 2010

Hi i feel get the 1) nozzle injector clean 2) Check the Air filter. You have not mention the type of smoke from the exhaust if it is black you might have to get the Fuel pump calibrated. Go step by step, If the clutch plate is weak then the vehicle RPM will go up but the car will not move as per the RPM. As "expert" advice do not go for clutch overhaule.

Answer by Nikhilesh Shetti 05 May 2010

Hi, I also own an indica V2 , 2005. As well as a Swift VDI 2007. Changing of clutch or otherwise servicing or cleansing of filters and all that stuff is not going to make much of a difference. It is an underpowered car with lots of kerb weight and low torque. Try to to live with it. Or else go for Indica Viesta Qudrajet. The pick up especially with AC on is never going to improve. The only thing you can do it push it hard in lower gears and put it into top gear above the speed of 70kmps.

Answer by Parminder Singh 05 May 2010

i agree with n .shetti there could be problem with nozzle or the pump which is to be serviced.if there is a problem with cluth then you must be in a habbit of not removing your foot from the cluth pedal or exesessive usage of cluth other wise cluth does not wear out in 50000kms.

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010

1. There is a part called FICD[, which increases RPM of the engine in propotion to the AC load, so the pickup wont suffer. Chances are that this is not working. I had the same thingh in my indica 2000 Euro II model. The authorised service centre never told me about this part. It was one of their guys who had resigned, who showed me the original which was not working and fixed a new one and showed me the quantum diffrence. I have driven 127000KMS on my indica with all of that on Ac on, but with good mileage [16+] and never felt underpowered.
2. open the air filter. Check out if their is any mobil oil spots [circular in shape] on the flat side of the air filter. If spot is there you get ring and pistn checked for replacement.

Answer by ATUL SINGHAL 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

The fault could lie in fuel supply system most probably FICD as mentioned by Atul or withthe fuel injection system which needs to be serviced.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Kindly spend money and go to a Tata Dealer who will check and do the needful. He will not cheat like the mechanics who knowing that you are not experienced, may start with clutch, and then brakes and finally he will go to the correct diagonis but he will make the money by wrongly informing the problem and you may have to go many times to the mechanic garage to get the problem solved.
My advice is to take to the nearest Dealer of Tata Cars and ask their advice and find out how much money they will charge for labour and materials and the time.
GOOD day.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 05 May 2010

What type of fuel are you using ie.ordinary or primum diesal? My experience by using the primum diesal is keeps the pump and nozzal clean and the milage is steady even after 50,000 kms. Many manufacture instructs NOT to use the primum fuel. In primum fuel, an additive which improves the effieciancy of combustin, by altering chemical-molecular composition of the fuel, is added.

My advise is use the primum fuel for 500 to 750 kms, feel the difference, and then decide.

Answer by Jayaprasad 05 May 2010

I feel that the advice given by P.C.Rao is practical.Do as he says.

Answer by Robin 05 May 2010

who does not know that any problem in a car will be rectified by a mechanic and you can find the mechanic at authorised service centre and you need to spend money for that.if sachin has asked a question we should be giving a resonable answer according to our knowledge and experience it is indeed rude and stupid on pc rao to answer the querry in the manner he has answered.if you have some experience and knowledge stop showing off.

Answer by Aashu 05 May 2010

thanks opretor and pc rao for editing and removing the first few lines from your answer now your answer seems to be an expert's advice rather than a preaching .those were the lines about which i had objection in my previous answer.

Answer by Aashu 05 May 2010

sell it and get the petrol car its a hopeless car

Answer by Sufyan 05 May 2010

Normally, clutch doesnot wear out under 50K kms, but do get an opinion from an authorised Tata service centre. There could also be an issue of the fuel firing system/fuel supply system - u have not mentioned if there is any engine "missing"/black smoke issue which indicates improper fuel burning leading to starting/pick up issues

Answer by Dipankar 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

I am very happy to note that there are 13 answers to this problem which has been successfully answered by experts and owners who are really knowledgeable.

GOOD day.
Dr P C Rao, Pune

Answer by Dr P C Rao 05 May 2010

Mr. P.C rao ,if u find answering the querries a waste of time dont answer from next time no body has forced u .as far as having knowledge and putting it to practical use both the things are completely different.its always better to be an aware customer .everybody knows how a man can be killed but that doed not mean...........................................

Answer by Aashu 05 May 2010

very wellsaid Aashu ,we as aware customer must be making some experts envious and threatened .even i would say not to answer a question if u find it a waste of time as u had written before editing your answer mr rao.

Answer by Ranju 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Thanks for both your comments and I feel I should keep quiet.
Good and Good Reading for all cartrade readers.
Dr P C Rao, Consultant, Pune.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Mr p.c.rao res sir
in this question regarding in first post u wrrites . go to tata motors ..... he will not cheat like mechanicks ..
and in 2 postu wrrites i feel i should keep quite ..there many person (( vehicle owners )) who done their works with promising to pay latter but not paying think again who is cheeter .. i m not saying for whole vehicle owners but there r many persons who not paid proper bills .so that type person comes to workshop again than mechanick want to collect their old revenue by extra billing . i think that is not a wrong.. . pl think twice before blaming is not a suggestion but it is a request

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 05 May 2010
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