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Dear Shiva, please reply: I am living in Trivandrum and planning to purchase a new car. 1 Can I go for a BS IV complaint vehicle. 2.Whether the car will suffer engine damage if ordinary fuel is used in the car??[BS4 complaint fuel is not available in this town]
By Rajendrakumar 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

All the engines that are made are made compatible with all available grade fuel hence you can go ahead with buying the new car with BS IV norms.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

if unleaded fuel is available in your part of India then BSIV is OK, if not then sorry.

Answer by Minoo Shroff 05 May 2010

No, your car will not suffer engine damage but it may simply run without being BSIV compliant! The emission norms don't have that much to do with engine combustion cycles as they have to do with emission control. So, you won't suffer any damage. All cars are going to be BS4 compliant shortly, but it may take some time for the fuel availability to catch up. Nothing to worry for users, though!

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

thank you Mr.shiva, Mr. Minoo and Mr. KUmar.
thank u for your valuable advise

Answer by Rajendrakumar 05 May 2010
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