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i have alto std and now want to fix ac .how i can get this and where and what will be the cost.
By Vishal 05 May 2010

You can do it. I did it for my Alto Std. I spent aprox. 16K [This was done in 2007 in Kerala].

Only this is to remember: You should fit a genuine one [I fixed SuperKing], Verify the Air vents are perfectly fixed [else, the cooling may affected], Make sure that the A/C radiators outlet hose is fitted properly [else the water may drip inside the car below the dash board to the co driver side], Thermostat is well fixed etc.

Where to fix it: according to your place you can make it done locally, Maruti service too do that, check with them but cost will be 2-3K more.

After all there is a problem. Think you are driving to a uphill on a rainy day with 3 people along with you: you need to drive in first gear the whole way with your a/c on OR you have to switch off the A/C and drive with door glasses rolled down. [Even you will feel the power lag in city driving] :-).
I am saying this not to discourage you, but it is a fact, provided you are using the 800CC face lifted Alto. Older one is slightly better.

Answer by Shine 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Yes AC can be fitted to Aalto with investment of around 20K . It would be better to get it fixed in authorised service center for better fittment and responce.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

I have a alto base model car 2008
I want to fitting ac in my car
How much cost to fitting the ac in car

Answer by Gagan Kumar 05 May 2018


Answer by Prem Nagar 06 June 2018

I have alto stdio car model 20011 I want to fittings ac in my car how much total cost to fit my car

Answer by Smt Rekha Chadar 06 June 2019

I want to buy alto give suggestion

Answer by Lv Desai 07 July 2020

I want to buy alto give suggestion

Answer by Lv Desai 07 July 2020
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