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Hi, I have planned to buy a used Honda Accord 2.4 i-vtec car in India . Could you please give your ideas and suggestions about buying this used car in India . I would like to buy used car from the year 2004 , 2005 or 2006 Honda Accord models only .What about the maintenance , mileage and pickup of Honda Accord of mentioned models. Thanks in advance bye .
By Parames 04 April 2010

Good to know that you are going for a used car.
Neways, for me HONDA is the best when it comes to petrol engines. Accord engine is a gem, it's very low on maintenance at least for first 1.5 lakhs of kms.
Speed/PickUp : Well 2.4litre | 180 bhp , Do I need to say anything?
Mileage : Believe me with light foot on the pedal it delivers around 12kmpl on highway. Not sure about city use.
Routine servicing in an authorized showroom would be a little on the higher side.
You can find a good one in the range of 6-8 lakhs.

Answer by Abhijit 04 April 2010

I have a Honda Accord 2.4 lt ivtech AT,model 2007 September.i have just done 11800 kms. it is in showroom condition.i I am planning to buy a new car, so you can send in your offer. As far as the car is concerned, it is value for oney,it gives you no reason to complain.

Answer by Parveen Anand 05 May 2010

I had a Honda Accord 2.4 AT, not a IVtec. My view is that the Accord is an absolutely fantasctic automobile in all respects. You would be making an intelligent decision in purchasing one.

Answer by Somesh Kapai 05 May 2010

Big cars r tough to maintain, park & drive...... If u r staying at some medium town where u have free roads to groom the car u can think of it, in cities like Bangalore it's very tough to enjoy the real beautiful performance & the power. If u have a spare small car for city drive, it impacts the clutch, gear box & suspensions too as these cars are very heavy.
If u r thinking a big car only for highway use then plz go for it as in city, milage of all such big cars is between 6 to 8 max & for getting 8+ u have to use without AC which is not feasible in this polluted environment. And alos jus think about petrol cost, it's around 59/-per litre now ....

Answer by Swapnil Natu 05 May 2010

hey buddy , honda accord is a best car to drive in a super d segment . i think if u can then go for a honda accord 06 you can buy it for somewhere 5.5 lakh plz search for a car driven less than 40,000 km and a manual transmission. change all oils and spark plugs after buying also clean your throtle body and allign the car properly i can bet u with a smooth driving it can give u an average as good as 11 on the highway and around 8 in the city for such big engines a/c is not a factor which would add or subtract on the mileage. hope u get a good car.all the best.

Answer by Samit Wadhawan 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

You can get good conditioned Accord of 2004 onwards can be bought for around 7 lac lac onwards and can vary depending upon varient and features.
The advantage of Accord is the onroad image,high reliability and interior comfort. Disadvantage of high maintenance due to higher cost of spated.It will be a good selection provided maintenance cost is not a constraint.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Cars; I bought a used/second hand Ford Mustang (1965) from a classmate in New Jersey. She and I attended FIT and were car nuts. I was a friend of Bob Hall and would like to write more. Please contact me at my regular e-mail.

Answer by Cindy Jhooty 01 January 2011

I would have to talk to my therapist, as I think that he had a Honda. If you get back to me, I could pass on his e-mail............Cindy

Answer by Cindy Jhooty 03 March 2011

my neighbour uses the new accord 2.4 golden colour..he gets mileage of 4-5 and hes crying

Answer by Hanuman 03 March 2011

Better than going to accord going for cruZe is best accord maintenence is more compared to cruze pickup us mostly equal in both cruze gives much milege

Answer by Viswadatta 08 August 2013

I seriously recommend 2007 model 2.4 ltr accord as it is of perfect weight n power n always in control at any speed it's the best in it class

Answer by Hardcore 08 August 2013

dear participants,i recently purchased a honda accord 2.4 ivtec. it has open cng kit has just 10 kg cng tank fitted. i get rs.372 for full tank. I have mainly run of 50:50 run on highway and city. i am getting 150 km run on full tank cng.CAR has completed 116000 km and it has no any problum. when i purchase it i went for radiator cleaning,engine oil service,filter service and normal emry. as per my car mechanic, car is giving the best.ony i have to follow petrol start and run for .5 km then switch to cng and vice versa before reaching final destination.

Answer by Akash 09 September 2016

hi i want to buy honda accord2.4 a/t 2006 model . 50,000 km milege

Answer by Sarthak Pawar 11 November 2012

If you plan to drive it to office daily,Accord is the perfect car for you.It demands fuel for the respect people impart to the owner.mileage is not a worry.I enjoy it,so will You.

Answer by Abhishek Das 03 March 2014

what can be the cost of of accord 2.4 ltr 2004 model automatic

Answer by TITTIO 05 May 2014

2004 automatic transmission are going out at about Rs 5 lakhs in kolkata,India.

Answer by Abhishek Das 05 May 2014

hi i am owning 4 Honda accord 3 manual and 1 automatic all are super performance car in sedan with luxury. Mileage is between 10-12 in city on high way 14
+ and we have installed CNG sequential and giving us 18+ in AC. Guys its great car in terms of safety, speed and technology with Dual Ac

Answer by HARVIR 02 February 2015

i have a 2011 tata safari done 41k km and was planning to get a sedan now, but do not want to compromise on space, so thot of buying a used accord.
can any one suggest ? especially mileage avg driving : 40kms a day

Answer by Safari Off 03 March 2015

Want to buy accord 2006 model from
how is mileage and maintenance.

Answer by Dosanjh 05 May 2015

if the car is cng fitted then what is the review

Answer by Nitin 05 May 2015

Hi! I have been referred a 2008 model Honda Accord 2.4 I-Vtech Automatic. Is it a good idea to buy it?

Answer by Velu 12 December 2015

Bought a Honda accord 2011 model 32k kms done,got sequential cng kit fitted. Drove 190kms on highway Rs.380 full tank cng. in city it runs 90kms. VFM with that luxury.

Answer by Vik 01 January 2016

Planning to buy honda accord 2009 automatic . Will automatic better or manual for city ?

Answer by Aman 02 February 2016

get the automatic, peace of mind and it has paddle shifters so u can drive in manual also

Answer by Kane 02 February 2016

2011 top model accord around 90000 km run plz confirm the price and maintenance cost

Answer by M D Siddiqui 04 April 2016

i want to buy Honda Accord MT 2004 i-vtech model petrol version 84000 kms running . i'm getting it somewhere around 2 lacs. what mileage should i expect from it ? Is it wise to go for this car??

Answer by Rahul 07 July 2016

also tell me whether i can fit lpg kit into accord. What will be the mileage in that case??

Answer by Rahul 07 July 2016

accord is always a good option as per the ivtech mileage is of great concern since it will not give more than 7 in city..and maintaining is also costly...

Answer by Arnab 07 July 2016

Hi... Some one offered Honda accord 2.4 i-vtec 2004 model for Rs.390000/- Driven 165000Km. Is it good Idea or not? Plz let know.

Answer by Arun 11 November 2016

2008 fully loaded 4.50k

Answer by Kapil 12 December 2016

I purchased honda accord type 2 2004 model in very new condition new tyres with all service records rs 1lack is it good for on petrol

Answer by Sahil 12 December 2016

I am going for my first car , what would be the best price we can get the Honda accord ivtec 2004 model , what should we check before we buy and what to do immediately after we buy it and finally what will be monthly maintenance cost

Answer by Chandu 12 December 2016

I want to buy Honda Accord in good condition plz if any one have contact me on 7773999666

Answer by Abhijeet Jain 02 February 2017

I have honda accord 2008 top end model.... i want o sell it..... i offered 550000..its in kolhapur city... ig any one interesting plz let me know..... my contact nmbr is 9552479191

Answer by Sandip Belekar 03 March 2017

Genuine answer-i have honda accord 2006. Oil change and filter will cost 3000
Maintenance is little if driven in normal wear and tear. Only oil change and routine checkups of alignment.Millage in highways with speed 120-140 12-15 kmpl cities-6-7kmpl. AC is good. Sound system is amazing compared to the middle class 2017 vehicles. Always purchase Accord parts from ebay or amazon which is very cheap compared to the genuine dealers.

Answer by Manmachine 06 June 2017

Can I install cng in 2009 Accord automatic..will it be good idea please suggest any Accord at cng owner

Answer by Siddharth Jain 06 June 2017

I want to install cng in accord v6 at it good for it or not.plz reply me quikly in full details plz

Answer by Jigarkumar 09 September 2017

Hi Jigarkumar, i have a Honda Accord V6 and i installed the cng 5 months back .. trust me no lack in power and mileage in city is 120 km . Perfect car for cng

Answer by Rana 09 September 2017

Hi friends my name is bhaskar reddy i have a honda accord 2.4 i-vtec 2008 november registration am selling my car fully ckndioned am planing new car so that why as am selling anyon

Answer by Baskar Reddy 11 November 2017

Bhaskar Reddy Garu, If you still have the car, Please send me more info. with Pic to


Answer by Satya 11 November 2017

I got a Honda Accord 43000 kms 2010 model automatic for 6.5 lakhs..can I fit cng and also install few accessories for increasing the ground clearance

Answer by Sriram 02 February 2018

11 kmpl

Answer by Shaheen 05 May 2018

Hi everyone my name is Gautam I want to buy Honda Accord MT model of 2009 model and the owner says it is showing milege if 14 in city if carefully driven is it possible pls sujjest

Answer by GOUTAM KUMAR BEHERA 05 May 2018

Dear All, What is your opinion on Honda Accord 2.4i-vtec 2005 model.
It is 86000km traveled. Is it possible for Compressed natural gas CNG to this model,Still how much engine life for this 2005 Model.
Please answer.

Answer by S Darshan 06 June 2018

Hello I have an accord 2011 60500 kms completed. Want to sell for 5 lacs.
Perfect condition. New tyres new clutch unit synthetic oil changed just now with oil and
My no 9913409360

Answer by Abhay 07 July 2018

Since 2011 Honda Accord model is discontinued and if the car is single owner and Mumbai registered, price cab be offered 3.5 lacs.

Answer by Pradip 07 July 2018

What is your opinion on Honda Accord 2.4i-vtec 2008 model.
It is 88.00km traveled. Is it possible for Compressed natural gas CNG to this model,Still how much engine life for this

Answer by NAVEEN 09 September 2018


Answer by NAVEEN 09 September 2018

I do have Honda accord automatic gear
Year 2005 1 owner pure petrol 3.0 Vtech V6
This car is for royal look give great mob 9619551809 letmeknowif1 intrested

Answer by Jay 04 April 2019

Hello I have accord v6 with cng kit. Problem is while on cng it also consumes petrol. Can anyone please tell me what the problem would be.

Answer by Abhay 09 September 2019

hi I am planning to but honda accord 2010 automatic
what about mileage

Answer by Mahmood 07 July 2020

Hi frnds. im looking for buy a Honda Accord Automatic Petrol version Good looking from 1st owner with Rs.2 lakhs 2007 to 2010 model if any intereste to Sell 9030609459 inform me.

Answer by Jagan 07 July 2020

honda accord 2010 automatic mileage city and highway

Answer by Mahmood 09 September 2020

Hi, I am looking for honda Accord 2009- 2010 1st owner in west Bengal. Inform me 9830119625

Answer by Sandip 07 July 2021
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