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i am 6ft tall. will alto suit me
By Pradheep 04 April 2010

Absolutely no problem. I am 6ft2in, and I have no problems with the Alto. In the front seats, that is. Don't even think of the Nano. It's a flimsy box.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

Go to showrroom. take test drive.
Decide on your own.why you are asking others ? Don't have comman sense ?

Answer by Sagar Ade 04 April 2010

I agree on the point on taking a test drive and if you feel comfortable go for remember, that when you;re driving, you'll need to move the driver's seat all the way back, so the passenger sitting behind you wont have much space. You could also try once of the tall boy models like Santro or Wagon R, they could work better for you.

Answer by Nitin 04 April 2010

Go for the convertible Alto or one with a sun roof where u can push your neck out. Alterntively, only dwarfs, children below 3 years or cross legged adults in zen meditation can be seated in aft seats!!. Just joking buddy. forget alto.

Answer by Hemant 04 April 2010

Surprised to know that people 6ft 2in tall find ALTO comfortable(hope that's not only for the driver). Neways, take test drive and decide on how you find it. I am not sure whether you are going for new one or used car, but you can think of new or used WagonR.

Answer by Abhijit 04 April 2010

"TRY IT THEN BUY IT" Your solution is only a test drive.

Answer by Prashant 04 April 2010

im suprised how people being 6ft 2 inch find alto comfortable do they really drive or just imagines.most of the answers by this person are rather strange misleading and imaginative.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

remove the driver seat have the floor cushioned and you will find alto comfortable the way kumar does

Answer by Sonu 04 April 2010

either this guy is not 6ft 2 inches or he does not drive.yaar thoda limit mein pheko

Answer by Ranju 04 April 2010

No the alto will be the worst choice u can make if u r 6ft tall! U have to ensure that the other passengers in the car are comfortable too..right?
Go and test drive the vista drivetech4 like the others are suggesting. Only then will u be able to make an informed decision. Its the most spacious hatch u can lay ur hands on!!
Chek it fr urself at -

Answer by Prabhat 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Height mentioned, you can drive the Alto though not too comfortably. The best thing to do is to take a test drive so that you can actually feel te comfort or discomfort and decide based on the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Go for the WagonR.It should solve your problem.Alto is a no no proposition.

Answer by Robin 04 April 2010

If u r only considering maruti models,then do go for WAGON ll suit ur height the best.....
U can also consider the Hyundai i10/santro
Else if u can spend some more,also consider the Indica Vista Quadrajet

Answer by Sambit 04 April 2010

Anyone who is 5ft10+ cannot find the Alto comfortable the car is very good no doubt about it but not made for tall people the tallboy cars are made for easy and comfy drive . go for wagon r or kumar seems to be an exception who finds alto comfotable at6.2ft .as far as nano is concerned you are paying half the price of an alto so what do you expect the comfy of a mercs .commonsense which is not so common.

Answer by Aashu 05 May 2010


It's fine but better if u take test drive of new Vagon-R too.... dedicated design for Tall Boy's .......

Answer by Swapnil Natu 05 May 2010

Hi pradeep,

Alto is not suitable for tall people what Kumar is said totallying wrong, and yes if you like Maruti go for Wagon-R or Ritz which is made for tall guys, Alto, A-Star definitely not, and yes of-course test drive any suitable car and then decide. Wagon-R only front seat is little ok, but rear seats are so crampy. All Tata cars are broad in width, and Vista is very good.

Answer by S Joshi 05 May 2010

is maruthi baleno suitable for 6 feet tall people?

Answer by SANDY 07 July 2016

when i tired to sit in alto kl10 i feel so uncomfortable. but as for my knowledge engine is much better than any other cars engine in maruthi

Answer by Sijo 11 November 2017
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