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Hi, I'm planning to buy a diesel car which gives a good mileage. I used to drive minimum 900 kms per month and my hieght is 6.2 feet so I should have spacious leg room and head room. Please suggest me a car. Thanks, Shankar
By Shankar 04 April 2010

The Ford Fiesta is a good choice for you. I am the same height as you and have driven this car in comfort. The mileage is exceptional too. At a lower budget range the Logan is nice and spacious too, but no match for the Fiesta's mileage. Cheers!

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

Dear Shankar,both Renault LOGAN & the SWIFT DDIS are good diesel cars.The LOGAN diesel gives a mileage of 29 kilometers per litre of fuel and is very spacious,very comfortable,easy to drive,has a powerful airconditioner,good over bumpy roads,its boot is 2nd only to the SKODA in space and is coming with mouth warering price tags with the company giving huge price cuts now.The SWIFT DDIS diesel is a very good alternative also.

Answer by SAM SAMANTARAY 04 April 2010

Dear Shankar, Swift Dzire DDIS is the best choice. Now it comes with K series engine which gives avarage of 21/22 on highway. Considering your 900 km running this is best choice for you. Dzire is very specious and considering your height this will be perfect one for you.

Answer by Sanjay 04 April 2010

Dear Shankar,
Go for all new car TATA INDIGO MANZA.
you just take a test ride before buy any car and then decide.
Manza is very spacious,with Quadrajet engine,new look.

Answer by Sachin 04 April 2010

Since u havent mentioned your budget, I am assuming a sub 10 lakh budget. The Ford Fiesta diesel is a good choice. Alternatively, you could also try the Hyundai Verna which is a lot more powerful and spacious with resonably good mileage.

Answer by Ramky 04 April 2010

Budget 3.5-5 lacs - Go for the Vista quadrajet (Exceptional car...VFM

Bu8dget 5-7.5 - I20 Crde....or the Manza

Answer by Nikhil 04 April 2010

If your budget is arount 5 Lacs then Vista Quadrajet will be good option. If your Budget is around 9 Lacs then opt for Verna SX CRDI its a very good car in any aspect.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 04 April 2010


As your height is very much, i feel it would be better if u prefer SUV like Safari 2.2 Dicor else u can think about some tall boy designs like Ford Fusion or Ritz diesel would be better.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 04 April 2010

Hi All,

Thanks for your suggestions, I gone a test drive on manza it is good and spacious but if I sit in rear seat I feel there is no good head room.

Please suggest me for the budget within 5 to 7 lacs.


Answer by Shankar 04 April 2010

With hardly 900 kms/month why are you looking out for a diesel car? Diesel does make sense when you are traveling 15000+ kms a year. Think of a petrol car and go for ANHC, ALL NEW HONDA CITY.
If you are obsessed with diesel, here are my options strictly as per the pricing(budget). Please don't compare them.

Answer by Abhijit 04 April 2010

You have asked your question at the correct time. We have been promised by VW that their will launch the diesel version of the Polo in the month of May 2010. I cannot imagine a better better diesel car for the price which they are offering. Just go for it.

Answer by Microman 04 April 2010

Hi Shankar,
Why not to try out the new Mahindra Bolero? It is a car + an SUV. No harm in trying.

Answer by Rajesh Narula 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

For the requirments mentioned recommended to test drive Ritz diesel.The advantages are the good mileage, power , head room and leg room.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

please try to purchase one mahindra diesel tractor.
Thank U,

Answer by Sanaullah 05 May 2010

Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for your suggestion, am planing for Bolero now can you please tell me what is the mileage it is giving.

Answer by Shankar 05 May 2010

hey shankar, you havent mentioned ur budget here, so let me suggest both the options. If u want a smaller car, then there is nothing better in the market than the Vista drivetech4 nowadays. For a bigger and much more luxurious feel, I'd suggest u go for the Manza! Its supercool, loaded with features and u wont even feel those 900kms that u drive evrymonth! Trust me, I'm almost as tall as u ...and i drive very comfortably in my vista. I have plans to buy the Manza now. Check out the drivetech4 -
Have a look at the specs, u'll love it. For the manza, visit-
Test drive them and u'll feel the difference. :-) all the best.

Answer by Saurabh 05 May 2010
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