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i intend to purchase a skoda octavia 2005 model for 2,00,000/- which ran for 6000km. is it good what is its millege and service charges
By Krishnamurthy 04 April 2010

I dnt knw frm where ur buying this car but make sure u check if its accidental or not cause Rs 2 lakhs is suspecious amount
The 2005 model is sold in 5 - 6 lakhs atleast.
Skoda is too expensive to manage as the parts cost is expensive. A front light will cost you rs 18000 for one side.
so think before you buy an elephant

Answer by Skumar 04 April 2010

it is white elephant . buy n cry, ac is too hot.

Answer by Vinu 04 April 2010

Skoda octavia 2005 model for 2,00,000???? Impossible deal, if the Car is un Running Condition. Check the Car w/ a good auto mech b4 you decide.

Answer by Jey 04 April 2010

Krishna murthy sab,

Plz check every thing , 2,00,000 deal is impossible, Iknow spare parts is very high, check the car papers & be sure its not accident car.....

Answer by Avinash 04 April 2010

Something is real fishy in this deal. First of all a 2005 skoda that too has run only 6k kms and its going for 2,00,000. I would suggest you get this car thoroughly tested for from not one but two or three mechanics. Just a word of caution - skoda is very high on maintenance

Answer by Sridhar 04 April 2010

check the price once again if it is Rs. 2,00,000/ and also check the mileage you mentioned i.e 6000 km is right if everything is right and if it is not met with accident you can buy it with no second thought.

Answer by Vishnu Madhavaram 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

The offer is too good to be true..have the car checked thoroughly at a auth skoda workshop..

Answer by Rohit 04 April 2010

If you get 6000km run car octavia for 200000 please dont wait, grab it.
Its ok with maintanence, since you don;t have to bother till 60000kms, sleep and drive a lot.

Answer by Praveen 04 April 2010

Petrol or Disel???? what ever it is its a good deal.... its a fantastic car... i have spend not more than 10k every 6 months.... in the last 5 years i have chaged the A/C compresor and the front brake plates.... my car has done 45k till now.... its still as good as a new car....

Answer by Arun 04 April 2010

The deals seems to be too good to be true.if u have checked the papers thoroughly go ahead you cant get a better deal than this bcos even if u do not keep it any dealer can give u a premium.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though its very tempting offer and nobody afford to miss it.Still it has to be ensured of good running condition adn no external damage is there. If the condition of the car is good then you can goahead and buy the same . Also you should be prepared to get the service for at around 10 per service and can vary depending on parts replaced.If you buy the car and maintain it well then it can be sold for much higher price than what it is now.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Is it Petrol or Diesel. Its an impossible deal for Diesel. I own a 2007 model 1.9TDI. Maintenance cost is pretty high. Not huge though. You will have to shell out about 6000 Rs for every 6 months (7500 kms) for regular service. I reckon 6000 km would be a typo, it should definitely be 60000 kms. That makes sense. I think you should go for it & drive around for 6 months, you can sell it for 2.5 lacs if you do not find it affordable. Better take full cover insurance because a minor accident can empty your pockects.

Answer by Binis 04 April 2010

Please don't buy. I had a petrol version, still i like the vehicle, but the maintenance charge are very high. It is a big big white elephant.

Answer by Rajmohan 04 April 2010

HEy Sumthing gona wrong with car ..i mean,,,,it may be an accidental car. i dnt believe u gtng a Skoda octavia wdin a price range of 2 lacs. Jus ensre evythng bfr going 2 buy....well consultant wd sum renwnd mechanics....n if u fnd its alr8 dn go for it. Actuall price of 2005 used octavia s arnd 5.50 lacs. mOreoer its maintenance cost its 2 high. so thnk once bfr buying

Answer by MAC 04 April 2010

I think there is something wrong. Please get your facts right first. There is no way you can get a 2005 Octavia (even petrol) for that price. And since you are even considering it, I reckon that you haven't done an independent market survey yourself. Check the car out first. I am sure its wrecked! Where did you find such a car? :0

Answer by Sasi Menon 04 April 2010

This is a fantastic deal if the car is coming from a genuine user. The fact that the car has run only 6000km is a bit
suspicious. It is 2005 model and can one believe that it has run only 6000km with in 5 years? So better check the car utilising a scoda mechanic and while doing so also check the seal of the tachometer. If everything is ok this would prove to be a fantastic offer and just jump at it.

Answer by Vijayakumarpn 04 April 2010

sell me the vehicle for 2.5 i dont need to check any thing except the registration petrol , wrecked, accidental ,white elephant 60000kms what ever it is i dont mind.

Answer by Ranju 04 April 2010
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