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tata indica model 2006 check engine indcation is coming & Ggoing
By Srinivas 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Check Engine light problem is due to malfunctioning of ECM.The problem could be solved by adjusting using software programm available with Tata service center/dealer.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

I had the same problem with mine too-2007 Indica Turbo. The authorised service centre fixed the problem for Rs. 300/- only
The check engine light appears now & then b-coz of the
" EngineTiming" problem.Generally between 2-3 K Kms after service. So its better to check the timing once in 2000 to 3000 kms periodically to avert this small problem.

Answer by Pirebhuoo 04 April 2010

check engine light comes due to problem in the ecm this can be easily rectified with any authorised need to check timing every 2000 or 3000kms.sometimes thisproblem also comes when the battery terminals are not fitted properly

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

Other than the timing, if your temp gauge is also rising, it could be due to clogging of the radiator -> coolant system not working properly - get that checked - flushing of the radiator should solve the problem

Answer by Dipankar 04 April 2010

Dipankar its true. Flushing the radiator resolved same problem in my Marina.

Answer by Ritesh Waghray 01 January 2016

Trust me Concorde motors technicians are bafoons. A local car painter gave me an advise which even Tata's Concorde idiot mechanics can't tell. Keep your radiator free flowing and with good coolant and it will never get overheated and no issues with check engine.

Answer by Ritesh Waghray 01 January 2016

My tata INDICA 1.4 petrol, the check engine light stays on and the car has a vigorious jerk at low accelartion after i was stuck for fuel and regassed.

Answer by Donavan 05 May 2016

Your car check the het plugs week remove the new plugs off the check engine light

Answer by Gouse 12 December 2016

My indica xeta 2006check engine light come how to solve the problem disappointed

Answer by Hari Nath J 06 June 2017

my indica dlg turbo 2008 gives check engine after running 30 to 40 kms plz help

Answer by Jasdeep Singh 06 June 2017

Hi this is hasnain.i have indica ev2 car 2014 model. It often shows check engine light and oil single.what should i do now

Answer by HASNAIN 06 June 2017

Check engine and battery symbol simultaneously on

Answer by Sunil J 12 December 2017

While driving my tata indica 2006 model for about 60 kms, i noticed that my coolant temperature guage was showing minimum mark and the Check Engine lamp was glowing. The coolant temperature is now showing ok, but the check engine lamp still glows every time I start the engine... how to resolve this problem...pse help

Answer by Sandeep 01 January 2018

My tata indica chech engine light came on and the car was jurking now the car will not start

Answer by Patrick Beech 06 June 2018

Tata 1412chek engin light

Answer by Yog 03 March 2019

Tata 1412chek engin light

Answer by Yog 03 March 2019

Tata 1412chek engin light

Answer by Yog 03 March 2019

Indica xeta giving jerk at 1900 rpm in each gear, the jerk is not observed at below the 1900 or above the 1900 rpm only problem is seen in 1900 rpm plz help me i cant understand

Answer by Satyam Dwivedi 05 May 2020

if the car is jerking with check engine symbol change plug wires and plug pins and also the coil

Answer by Uday Kiran 09 September 2020

Sir indica xeta car petrol 2006 model h meter par check engine lekha aa raha h car kabhi kabhi loads bhi leti h keya problem h bhai

Answer by Rahul Rajput 11 November 2020
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