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Dose 1996 Maruti Omni has MPFI engine ? Because some one told that covert it to lpg only if u have mpfi engine otherwise dont Is it true that LPG convertion requires mpfi engine ? Which lpg KIT is better, can i know any company name in mumbai ? Where can i convert it to lpg ? How much will it cost me ? I also wanted to do some Colour, so should i do after fitting the kit ,or before the colour Waiting for Reply Thanks in Advance
By Tushar 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

1996 model Omni is carburator version. LPG kit can be fitted to any vehicel.Repainting or stickering is different issue than kit fitting. You can get it done as convenient.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

According to me Shiv Shankar is right. But coloring is your own choice. Its a worst question.

Answer by Abhishek 04 April 2010

LPG conversion can be done on both carburettor and MPFI Engines. The vapouriser in the kit is different for MPFI and so is costly than carburettor type LPG Kit. The expense for conversion ranges Rs.12000 to 15000 for carburettor type and Rs. 15000 to 18000 for MPFI type. In my experience Lovato Kit is better.

Answer by Sunel Kumar 04 April 2010

Thanks Sunel and Shiva

Answer by Tushar 04 April 2010

Actual i wanted to ask
Should i do the LPG Fitting First and the the
Electrical Work & Denting/Painting.
Or First Electrical Work & Denting/Painting and then LPG Fitting

Answer by Tushar 04 April 2010

If there is a light on your dashboard instument pannel then it is a mpfi and if you convert it when it is carborator then it will take more maintainance. First Do denting and painting

Answer by Jitendra Panchal 04 April 2010
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