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Hi All, I was about to ask a question on the tyre size, for my Esteem ['99 model VX] which runs on "155/80 R 13", and need a replacement of the stepney tyre. One of my friends gave me a tyre of almost same shape of the existing but which is "175/70 R 13". So I wanted to ask will be ok to fix and keep in the boot for emergency. Meanwhile I had Googled up and found a very interesting website, which I thought will be useful to every one here. This site will permit you to compare two tyres and its effect. More over there is another other site: which will tell you about what does each digit means on the tyre code. But Still I wish to ask same question: is the temporary replacement of 175/70 R 13 with a 155/80 R 13 tyre will affect my car, even it is used in emergency.
By Shine 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Using tyre of different rating wont affect much provided rim size is same.However while fitting different rating tyre ensure its fitted to rear wheels than front wheels so that wheel alignment wont be affected.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010


175/70 R13 is a good tyre and was use to be company fitted in Esteem VXi from 2002 to 2008.. So if U r planning to put that tyre on stephny its absolutely fine.. In future U can change all tyres to 175/70 R13.. I use the same tyres in My 2001 model Esteem VX.

Answer by Nitin 04 April 2010

Hi Experts,

Could you explain what is the reason for how tak, tak, tak sound generation by the drive shaft of Maruti cars while the steering is fully turned-up to right or left?..

I need to tell about the back ground too. I got a Maruti Esteem [VX, '99 model /43K kms driven], which makes this kind of noise from drive shaft while taking sharp turns. I was thinking that it might be due to the misuse by the previous owner. But at the same time last day I got this noise for my Alto too. [2004 Model, 16K kms driven completely by me, regularly serviced and soft usage] which is a light sound - not as loud as Esteem, which made me feel like my assumption can be wrong.

Please give me clarification:
1) What is the basic reason for the sound from drive shaft, if it is damage, how it is caused [pretty worried on this about my lovely Alto].

2) Will it create any related damages to my Car(s), so that it is to be immediately serviced. [For the Esteem a Maruti show room gave an estimate of 3.5K]

With regards

Answer by Shine 05 May 2010
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