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Which one is better? Spark are alto.
By Rakesh 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the two Spark makes a better option onaccount of higher power, interiro space and style.However Alto has the advantage of lesser price slightly better fuel efficiecny.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

dude both the cars are good in their segment,but there is no ponit to compare alto 800cc/47hp,with tyre size 145/80 with spark 1000cc/63hp with tyre 155/70.if you want more milage go for alto,otherwise you can think and compare Spark segment's other cars like new wagonR,santro etc.

Answer by Ukmishra 04 April 2010

Its spark, its great with maintenece warranty of 3yrs not additional charge u need to have till 3 yrs except petrol, oil, service, etc till 3 yrs, it has excellent interiors compared to alto, and now there it good scheme on it, if possible go for it. All the best.

Answer by Vinit Zaveri 04 April 2010

Ya its true that there can not be comparison because of difference between power of two cars but if you compare after sale service the Maruti is best and also maruti has large service network so maruti cars can be repaired and serviced anywhere in small towns also.
Also maruti cars get good resale value and if u sale it to maruti true value they give u discount on new maruti purchase.
AS i am an alto user and if u ask me i will say go for alto.

Answer by Ameya 04 April 2010

Among two alto has some advantage like batter fual aficiency. service networ. proven performence.Alto has electric Power stiaring spark has hydrolic. electric stiaring is batter .spark is old Matiz design. i will say go with alto.

Answer by Udalak Bhatt 04 April 2010

For long term advantages in all aspects like fuel efeciency service stations resale value prroved effeciency u go for Alto

Answer by Satyaprasad Chava 04 April 2010

Hi friend,

Most of the people favoured Alto are nothing but people who are using it their brand, Why make so cry about Spark, which is quite modern looking car with high power and at any stage cannot compared with Alto at all. Alto is low in power and great in Milege and service great even in small town you will get maruti cars serviced by layman, so simple its knowhow or each town has its service centre. If you are living in big cities then serving of Spark is not a problem, why don't you try with New Wagon-R.

Answer by S Joshi 04 April 2010

Three years warranty then what - I warn you the Spark is a great car in the hands of a whole lot of people who think they are paid by the rich from overseas..... The car will be in a garage or parked in front of your home for want of service or spares after the warranty - I am sure there is a small print for the 3 year period too... In any case there is nothing like a Maruti and the service and spares the parts are available anywhere and service a plenty. So why risk your Neck buy an ALTO FORGET THE SPARK EVEN IF IT WERE GIVEN TO YOU FREE. Is some others want to disagree with me buy one then ask your mechanic where the water pump is it takes all day to dismantle it in a spark it is the same old Matiz with the Chevy logo - I write this because I had to sell away my Chevy Optra for less than half the price due to poor service and a high cost of spares and their non availability any where else.

Answer by Venkateshwaran 04 April 2010

Anything from Maruti is GOOD and anything from CHEVROLET IS WORST so ALTO IS GOOD .....Service Spares EVERYTHING eCONOMY.

Answer by Venkateshwaran 04 April 2010

Better to go for alto

Answer by Vipin 04 April 2010

I m using spark i find it great to have it. I had alto previously but u just cant compare both, spark is far far ahead in all respect, service of GM is excellent and parts r not expensive either. If possible go for spark.

Answer by Vinit Zaveri 04 April 2010
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