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can I go for a sumo grande mark2 as a family vehicle comparing xylo?
By Gopikrishnan 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Sumo Grande MKII is a good choice as a compact SUV has good combination of power,interiors and cost.Compared to Xylo interior space is bit less but does make a good SUV and value for the money invested.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Well I myself am comparing both these vehicles for last few days. I wish to change my old Tata sumo and buy a new veh. But my reqmts r bit different. I do not use the car as a family car. I have a farm house and use the car as a conv each wkend. Now the answer will therefore depend largely as to if u want to use the car in the city both these cars wud b a liability. I agree with Shiva vis a vis the comparison. But unfortunately though sumo always has been a good car n my exp with it is excellent, it fetches low resale value. In looks xylo is far more superior but in mileage its poor.

Answer by Shekhar 04 April 2010

If its for a matter of comparison, then I would suggest for Xylo, because of the shape, royal look, and of course the mileage. because i had read recently that Xylo has fetched an average of 17 km during a rally in Delhi. If you compare cost wise then for sure Tata is good.

Answer by Rasheed Ali 04 April 2010

Sumo any day, silent engine ... although features are better in xylo like mid etc but then comfort and drive is better in sumo ...

Answer by Sameer 04 April 2010

Please avoid the Sumo if you are thinking of slightly longer trips, even in excess of 100 km. Your passengers will end up having body pain. The Xylo is supposedly better in this department. The power and other comparisons are measurable, so you can do the research quite easily, but the Tata vehicle is qualitatively in the 18th century.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

Xylo may be the good choice if we compare space,interior and mileage.Grande is good in its engine,SUV look and value for money.

Answer by Panicker 04 April 2010

Hi Guys, Well I have settled for a sumo grande mark II, walnut gold.Thankyou you guys for your expert advices.

Answer by Gopikrishnan 04 April 2010
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