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Hi I am very much like TATA SAFARI.I want to buy a brand new safari top end dicor engine model but i am getting mixed reaction from different people i have asked till today. So i am in very much confused state of mind. I want to know is it really worth investing 12 lacs for tata safari dicor engine? If not safari then which SUV will you sugest in that range of price ?
By Sachin S Paradkar 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the range of 10 to 12 laqc the main competitionis among Scorpio,Safari,Innova. Though earlier the same were available at 10 lac range, the price has gone up to 11 to 12 lac onroad for all.
Tata Safari is a good choice as a SUV,it has got all features of SUV like power,spacious interiors,comfort andreliability.Also maintenance won't be of much problem.Alternatively Scorpio is bit compact SUV compared to Safari but has reputation of great performance and features.
In overall Safari would make a good choice.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Hi Sachin,
I am using TATASAFARI DICOR 2.2 from Oct 2009,excellent vehicle,its giving me an average of 10km/ltr with AC in the city & highways 13-14kms/ltr with AC. No issues till now.
Using nitrogen in the tyres.
U wud love to drive it.

Answer by K R JOSHI 04 April 2010

about the mixed reaction you are getting about the safari dicor how many people are actuallly using the vehicle,im using tata vehicles for the past 10 years and presently my safari dicor has around 73000kms on the meter in around 13months without any trouble except the rear door which started rattling but that stopped after i removed the spare tyre .if the vehicle had trouble why would any body even a single person buy it anyone who is putting more than10 lacs is not a fool .safari dicor is not a vehicle used in commercial use whereas you will find scorpio,innova,(low end model)being used as private taxi especially in north is a very good vehicle and i"m very satisfied with its performance,and above all even the n s g is using the same vehicle as security and escort vehicle for z+ security v v i ps.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

The rare Tata vehicle might have a satisfied owner, so, the mixed reactions you are getting are perfectly justified. The Safari is a bit too heavy and underpowered for its size. It cannot be used as an offroad vehicle even with 4 wheel drive and turbocharged engine, simply because its power/weight ratio is abysmal. As a luxury vehicle. the Innova, if you can think of it as another option, is way superior in every way. You will not have to remove your spare tyre to control noise etc. You need to ask yourself why you need an SUV in the first place, and if you are convinced by a long test drive (which Tata will never give you), then spend your money.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

Any way I am not agreeing with B.S Kumar'S comment that it was an old story that Safari is under powered,but DICOR is amazing.Innova is much comfortable when you compare to Scorpio or Safari.If you driving yourself buy Safari other wise (chauffer) buy Innova.I am sure that drive A Safari give you good pleasure and you feel like you are a King.Only the bad thing resale value is less compare to other.Safari IS A "GOOD OFF ROAD" vehicle.

Answer by Panicker 04 April 2010

However i also got once very rude reply from b.s kumar,but here i m agree with kumar,safari is underpower suv.may be people are familer with only 800 or 1200cc cars,,so thats why might be they think ,2.2 ltr safari will make big difference.anway its the most beautiful suv in india.look wise its pure cruiser.but it should be at least 3.5 V6 engine,but alas it can't be happen,coz 80% of the people whenever they talk about cars..the first question come about the milage of the either get power or go for peppy desgin cars.who will count innova as suv.its just family car or muv.scorpio is good option and much realiabel than safari,,but road reputaion wise its same like bajaj pulsar.i hope u understand...why dont u think about most strong i mean built wise Bolero.spend money on high end version.its look and feel is just like Merci.Benz G class. think about it..

Answer by Ukmishra 04 April 2010

as i said earlier most of the people who are against the safari are not actual 2.2dicor owners they have no idea what the present version of safari is they have heard stories or read magazines that too years back,the present version 2.2 dicor is not at all underpowered as far as kumar's pointing about removing the spare tyre of my safari is concerned it is the only problem which i faced in 13 months ,as far as crtisism by a particular person is concerned every regular is on this site is aware that a few people critisise just to get noticed they are first to answer every question they have an opinion about every damm thing in this world without logic ,without reason they call a yamaha135 a junk ,tata vehicles donkeys ford vehicles useless,dezire ugly and are asked by owners of these vehicles to shut up but they continue with their nonserious opinions so these opinions are not be taken seriously .its better if u want to buy an suv test drive and feel the vehicles yourself and i can bet you will like the safari,as i said in my earlier answer why would even a single person put in 10 lacs+ for an a vehicle which has problems generally a buyer of this segment is not a first time buyer that you can fool him .and for the self procaimed car expert with compulsive negative views its not your fault so GET WELL SOON.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

Very Very Well Said Rajiv!!!!
I had earlier posted some hard word against some baseless allegations, especially against TATA. When people find TATA SAFARI 2.2 Dicor under powered, take my word they are comparing it will the likes of PAJERO AND FORTUNER. People always try and compare cars with same price tag, that's what really matters as far as car manufactures are concerned. It's just a matter of couple of months for TATA to upgrade TATA SAFARI to say 3.0 or greater. In a price range of 10-12 lacs TATA SAFARI is the best. Talking about off roading, I would like to ask, are SCORPIO and INNOVA excellent off roaders? A BIG NO. I would not say SAFARI is and excellent off roader, but certainly far better than the others in that price bracket.

Answer by Abhijit 04 April 2010

about your tata safari choice the 2.2ltr dicor engine is much more punchy then the scorpio and a lot more than the innova.... and a cc of the car does not really matter a lot in delivering power.... for a matter of fact just see the santa fea.... and buying a v6 or v8 is just worthless.... spending that huge amount of money and getting just the power and not the mileage.... although theoritacally ul get 50% more h.p. in a v6 but torque delivery will be more in a 4 cylinder car.... so best go for the tata safari.....

Answer by Chiranjib 08 August 2012
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