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Exactly how much pressure Nitrogen shud i have for my swift vdi (diesel)... different ppl seem to have different opinions, so experts help plizz... thanks
By Xerxes 04 April 2010

Normal atmospheric air is 78% nitrogen already. If you are filling your tyres will nitrogen, then fill them to the same recommended tyre pressure for your car. That is when you will get the same amount of tyre tread on the road and grip as the engineers have designed for your car. Nitrogen is not some magic genie in your tyre. Its ONLY two advantages are that it leaks out less, requiring less frequent fill ups, and that it prevents corrosion and rust by not allowing air and water vapour to act upon the rim and tyre insides.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

You can set the pressure for around 35Psi, for all tyres.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Tell me tyre pressure for swift Dzire vdi appolo tyre 165/80/R14, Can I fill normal pressure ya nightrogen

Answer by Virender 02 February 2016

Tyre pressure for volkswagen polo

Answer by Bala 08 August 2016
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