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Hi Shiv, I am currently using Honda City Gxi 2007 and its giving me a mileage of 10-11 kms/litre. I got it a brand new one and has done only 18500kms. Please suggest whats needs to be done. Thanks & Regards Moksh
By Moksh 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

The mileage you are getting is quite good. It can be improved by two or three km through good driving habits likee switching off in traffic signal stop,maintaining well,etc

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

To findout exact milage fill in the tank fully and drive for 100 km and fill again findout the diffrence of fuel filled and calcualte milage. Honda milage is 12 km in traffic but on a highway will be better. Dont press clutch frequently while braking etc., and change the gears at 25 35 & 50 and use shell petrol.And of course for facility and convinience you have to pay !!!!!

Answer by KV Prakash 04 April 2010

Improve your driving habits. Sudden speeding and bracking consumes more fuel then a running car. Also fuel efficiency depends on the type of area(crowdy/non crowdy), roads in your area. If your drive for a long time on lower gears (1-2-3) fuel consumption will be high. Also take pts of Shiva Shankar. I also have july 2007 same city and its gives 13/14 KMPL average within the city

Answer by Amit 04 April 2010

Are you crazy. I am using Honda City too. But its a 2004 Model.It has done 62000 kms and I am still getting an average of 18 kmp/l without AC. I am quite happy with it. I suggest you that if you are looking towards a good Mileage car that's when Honda Cars come into picture. I suppose the New Version is not quite satisfactory on Average. SO i suggest you to switch your car if u r looking for fuel efficiency.Try Honda City GXi Model & ZX Gxi Model.I am enjoying it without spending a single rupee on maintenance. I change my engine oil and filter every 3 months. That's how I am living hassle free.

Answer by Taarik Ali Shaikh 04 April 2010

You can get better mileage by keeping an eye on the RPM -sw off at traffic lights > 30 secs-avoid sudden bursts of speed=stay in the correct gear-consult the manual.Happy motoring!

Answer by Pramod Singh 04 April 2010

i guess u should get between 11 to 13 in mumbai city ... not sure were u are located. in winters when i fill early morning and hit the expressway non a/c i have got highest 16 but again mainted 70-80kmph once u go above that avg comes down

Answer by Sammeer 04 April 2010

Good maintenance, good quality petrol and good driving habit will help you to get good mileage.

Answer by Suresh Kumar 04 April 2010
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