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i own a ford ikon 1.6 sxi.. now near the engine timing belt making much noise and i checked with ford they telling sum engine case to be changed along with water pump and it will cost around 25k.. i hear only the sound from belt.. am confused please help me out on this. am from mysore if you know any good service centre who deals with ford cars please let me know..
By Arjun 04 April 2010

It is hard to make a guess on what the problem could be, but if you want to take a chance, try changing only the timing belt, if you are quite sure that is where the extraneous noise is coming from. If the noise continues after your change, then, chances are there is something else you need to take care of. The "water pump" change suggested sounds a bit fishy, and if you had a crack in your engine case (that is the only thing that can happen to a case) you'd have much more serious problems.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Considering that timing belt is in good condition and other gears are aligned properly. The noise near timing casing could be due to worn crankshaft bearings or crankshaft journals.The remedy lies inreplacing the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

I had a similar probelem in my Huyndai Accent CRDI Car, initially i heard the noise from the timing belt, after two days, about 100 km running it went to severe breakdown of water pumps, crank shaft bearing, valves and some in engine. I have done all the necessery replacements, at the service cost of 30k.
try to Consult with some more mechanics as well.
Good luck.

Answer by Bala S 04 April 2010

I am fed up with CarTrade India's experts advice.
I wouldlike to know if either of them has ever worked on an engine? and how does one replace crankshaft journals? Having run a workshop for forty years I have never heard such bunkum! If you suspect timing belt noise, consider checking and replacing timing belt and tensioner. Please note many people consider Ford as fraud.Especially their so called workshops.Next time please mention mileage covered. Hope this helps.

Answer by Minoo Shroff 04 April 2010

drive that car for 10 kms, check if the noise is syill there & is similar,if its similar change the timing belt & get it adjusted accordingly.else check how much hot the engine is.if it is hot & the water is coming out of water tank,get the head phased & change the crank shafts & gas kit too.

Answer by Ashish Sharma 04 April 2010

You shall contact Senthil of JMS Auto Service mobile 9445003393 or 9444785801 - one of the two which I am not sure.
He has worked in my for ikon zxi 1.6 petrol for few years and I never had much problem with the mechanic.

Answer by RAMACHANDRAN 04 April 2010

hi thank for all spending valuable time for answering my questions. am still hearing same sound even after running about 50kms.. and engine is normal nothing like getting much hot like that. my car had run1,117000kms.. i checked with other better mechanic he told only belt and wheels of that belt should be replaced and no issues with the water pump.. is it correct..

Answer by Arjun 04 April 2010

try to consult some other mechanics also as Ford service guys would try to change your valves, engine head service etc, but its advisable not to open the engine head. change the timing pulley , guess sound should be ok.

Answer by Arindam Bhattacharya 04 April 2010

akon foad

Answer by Jignesh 02 February 2011
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