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I wanna buy NANO LX , i have recieved a allotment cum delivery letter from the dealer. Should I go for it or shall i opt for other car. At present I have Swift dezier and Omini. I am interested to buy Nano for my wife. What is the market report of it.
By Kamlesh Rawat 04 April 2010

Kamlesh,I have driven my friends Nano a couple of times in town,it is a good city car with adequate power , go ahead and buy it,even though the media has highlighted a couple of 'fire incidents',I am sure Tata's would have sorted it out by now.

Answer by A Subodh Rai 04 April 2010

Dear Kamalesh,
I have driven it- the full option car- and it is very good expereince after driving my own Toyota Corolla. It has excellent AC, parking is very easy. Of course, you can not over take at a break neck speed the other cars with higher CC.
Good car for those who drive carewfully and those who care for thier lives.
Dr George

Answer by George 04 April 2010

The Nano is still unproven, and it is only common to expect brand new cars to get some decent responses from users. For the price you pay, it is not a great promise and will take two to three editions before Tata can sort out its matchbox performance if you know what I mean. You could book another Nano and wait and see how the car fares over the next year or so.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

Hell NO!!! Yu already got 2 cars...sell one before yu buy another one...

Answer by Tazzman 04 April 2010

I am driving my nano cx from last three months. Best car compair to cost. Go ahead and drive carefully if u want to use in city only.

Answer by Patil S H 04 April 2010

I don't think it's worth buying a Nano. Wait for newer versions to come out first if u really want one. But keep ur options open...there are other Tata cars too that are doing well.

Answer by Satish Ramchandran 04 April 2010

think you are better off buying alto/spark for your wife- tata has a history of incremental improvement- the first version is almost always pathetic and they keep improving it over versions. see indica- the first lot had a lot of problems (i know because i had one of the first allotment)- v2 was a massive improvement and vista improved on this further.

Answer by Neo 04 April 2010

Nano is a very good car .very good ac, good pickup and very easy to drive in ciy traffic.overall a fairly decent pakage.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

drivetech4 is an even better improvement on the Vista. It runs on an advanced technology: Fiat engine coupled with eurotech gearbox which is used in european cars. very good car. I have taken it for test drive. Much more spacious and much better than indica.

Answer by Sumith 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Nano will make a good limited distance travel and usage in city traffics .As you ave other cars also, Nano will certainly make a good option for city usage . You can go ahead with the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Nano is a good car for city. Good value for the money. I have also two maruti cars - Maruti 800 & Swift. Still I purcahsed Nano for new experience. It is a good car for city drive.

Answer by Devdatt Dharmadhikari 04 April 2010
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