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Hi Shiva and other users, I am looking to buy a new/used bike. I have earlier owned Passion and now have 2003 model Activa. The reason I want to change is in Activa I feel sharp jerks while going over humps and pot holes, which hurts my back. Also I don't find it nicely balanced in wet conditions. My priorities in preference order are: 1. Good suspension. As the roads in bangalore are bad and have a lot of humps I want a bike which takes absorbs the humps more 2. Good acceleration. I like to have a bike which has good initial acceleration. Top speed is not a critieria 3. Stability. It should be stable under sudden braking. Considering this I am looking at FZ16, new P220, used R15 and used old FI P220. May be I can consider Unicorn too but I find it dated in terms of looks. You can also suggest me any other bike. I know FZ16, R15 and Unicorn have mono-suspension. mono-suspension better in terms of absorbing pot holes and humps than dual suspension? I have test driven R15 and new P220. But have not driven FZ16. I found P220 also good at absorbing potholes. Does P220 retain same conditions after few years of usage. I read that mono-suspensions life is better. Is old FI P220 good one? I know its a long one, but thanks for being patient and answering :). - Gourav
By Gourav 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Considering that price is not a constraint,Yamaha R15 would be the best suited bike for your requirments for its stability at high speeds, good suspension and style.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

I understand the Yamaha R15 is best bet, but a bit concerned about its seating position for city driving. I have heard that it might cause back problems because back is not straight while driving. I drive for around 30km+ to office. Bike will not be used for highway or long drives as I already have a car for that.

Answer by Gourav 04 April 2010

jus go for fz-16....its a wonderful machine with good pickup and very nice road grip as it is having broad 60:1 aspect ratio radial tyres....but the only disadvantage with it is for lady pillons it wouldnt b comfortable to sit.....if its not a big thing for u then go for it.U can also consider Karizma-R

Answer by Sreeram 04 April 2010

As i used fz, me thinks it's really good bike in new style, controlling system, coz it has a broad rear tyre..good at breaking, but not very good at pick up as compare to karizma & 220... it's far behind than these... new users will definitely like the fz but one who likes speed n pick up, will go for karizma or 220.. if u compare the prices of this segment bikes ,u'ii pay more for fz.. u can also consider p180.. n about r15 i won't say that u should go for that, r15 is not comfortable for everyone.

Answer by Raj 04 April 2010

Dude you better go for fz 16 orange color.....because it is the most sexiest one........coz i own it ....and the vehicle is awesome ..mileage is 43 and grip is tremendous ....price is just 73,000.....dont hesitate .better go for it

Answer by Adhithya Arunraja 04 April 2010
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