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Hi Shiva, if you remember I bought a zen D(diesel) with your consult intially it looked and sounded good however later got to knew that it had engine repair however it was only half engine repair like reboring and new piston ring's and head work.I have spent around 15k tll now I am done around 1000 km's after repair however there are a lot of viberations while driving the car.have checked the doors and everything but still that vibration is not going off which is frustrating for me.need ur suggestion.. Thank's
By ZEN 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

The problem of vibration could be due to weaker engine bedding and suspension rubber bushing.Remedy is to replace the bedding and lubricate the rubber bushings or replace with new ones.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Thank's 4 replying...Shiva

would you please tell me how much would it cost as well.
The other thing is also that I wnated to ask you when I did engine repair is it also very neccesary to have new engine barings as the old one's were good enough according to the machanic.

Answer by ZEN 04 April 2010

I think tuning of engine needs to be done

Answer by Shiva 04 April 2010

please check the tire condition also.I've the same problem of vibration at 60kmph speed, which will then removed after changing tyres, repair work of suspension and alignmet& balancing check.

Answer by Sandipan PC 04 April 2010

Diesel engines that are a bit out of tune tend to send out a great deal more vibration due to higher compression ratios and weight. Your problem may be easily sorted out by timing your injectors perfectly. If your vibrations are the same at all engine speeds, then there is a mounting issue somewhere. Please take it to a good mechanic.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

i want to say that zen diesel not a good car its engine check tyre suspesion and engine .you thought that diesel swift is good but swift buy this engine
fiat company so swift engine is good.but engine of zen diesel is week.

Answer by Ravinder 04 April 2010
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