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Sir ,Iam using Alto LXI 2007 model Recently i filled car tyres with liquid Nitrogen.what is the extra advantages filling of liquid nitrogen instead of air ?
By Dr Satya Prasad 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Using nitrogen helps for better coushining.Better cooling and hence higher performance than with normal air.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

With nitrogen tire inflation, improvements can be noted in a vehicle's handling, fuel efficiency and tire life through better tire pressure retention, improved fuel economy and cooler running tire temperatures.

Answer by Anoop 04 April 2010

Sounds interesting!.
Can you tell me from where you got it filled. I have a swift zxi, hope it doesn't make difference!

Answer by Sharad 04 April 2010

hi, I think nitrogen liqued is expensive, can you please
tell me what is the expense for filling one tyre.


Answer by George Kannothu Vazhani 04 April 2010

Hi Sharad,Goerge
Sir i filled my car tyres with nitrogen in Khammam which is a district Head Quarters in Andhra pradesh.Filling Charge is Rs.200/Per 4 tyres.I feel it is better to fill with Liqui nitrogen instead of air if nitrogen tanks is available.

Answer by Dr Satya Prasad 04 April 2010

As always, with anything new in India, a lot of misinformation gets passed around. There is no measurable advantage for normal passenger cars by the use of nitrogen, if you are in the habit of checking your tyre pressure regularly. Nitrogen does retain the tyre pressure longer, since it supposedly leaks less. Atmospheric air is already 78% nitrogen. The advantage in reducing oxygen in your tyres by using nitrogen instead of air has to do with reducing rust from water vapour and oxidation of other parts. There is absolutely no proof for better cushioning, since the elasticity of the tyres do not change with the use of nitrogen at the same pressure as that of air. Nitrogen does not have any significantly different heat capacity from air, and since it does not flow out, cannot dissipate heat any better than air either. So, no question of better cooling or anything of the sort. In short, if you check your tyre pressure regularly, no advantage in using nitrogen.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

I got my car tyre's filled with Nitrogen in October 09 and i got the tyre pressure checked after 6 months with no topup in between ,the tyres had lost just 2 psi.the scientific reason given for this was that rubber is permeable and the the oxygen molecules in air which are smaller in size escape after sometime,Nitrogen molecules on the other hand are larger than oxygen molecules and so take a longer time to escape through rubber ,end result one does not have to check tyre pressure regularly

Answer by A Subodh Rai 04 April 2010
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