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hi i am having Maruti Omni 1996 Model (Petrol) Engine is in Excellent Condition Should i convert it to LPG ? And its White in Colour now Thinking of re-painting it so should i go for same white colour or change it ? change of colour is due to lot of dust, and is easily visible on white thanks in advance waiting for reply
By Tushar 04 April 2010

Hey Dude,

Regarding the painting the car is good perception but dont change the colour of the car b'coz in the RC the car colour is mentioned as white colour, when u change the colour of the car it will become problem when u sell it of. Better not to change the car colour....

Answer by Kishore 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Considering the year of make,probable usage adn procedure involved like registerig in RC book for change of olour and also the cost of whole body painting,it wont be good idea in going for repainting with new colour.You can go for either white colour painting or get regular body polish done to keep it in fair condition.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

thanks for suggestions
surely will keep the same colour

one more thing i asked

The Engine is in Excellent Condition

Should i convert it to LPG ?

Answer by Tushar 04 April 2010

LPG conversion for Maruti vans is a proven modification that has served a lot of people well. You should have no problems with that. Kindly ensure you get the conversion done by a thorough professional. Cheers on the good service of your vehicle.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

u can go in for the same colour painting,(cause RC book shows white colour) instead of a new paint,as for lpg conversion if u wanna go ahead wit it get it done frm maruti genuine accessories they provide better service n warranty, but it would be fine even if u keep existing petrol engine as there are'nt ny prblm, as an lpg kit wont make a vry vry big difference

Answer by Yash Dhumal 04 April 2010

As other friends says changing of color may cause RC problem while selling. But if you can bare the expenses for changing to a metalic color the appearance of your vehicle become better. In the case of LPG conversion I will prefer Lovato gas kit for better performance. Mileage not less than 17km/l. But available of LPG filling stations in your area must be confirmed. Also for long journey we should aware about the filling stations along the way.

Answer by Sunel Kumar 04 April 2010

hi.. sure u can convert to LPG.. its really an good idea... i have omni in that i converted its mileage is excellent.... painting too u can change to latest metallic blue color its very nice............

Answer by Nelson Mahilaraj 04 April 2010

thank u very much for your suggestions

have a goodaay

Answer by Tushar 04 April 2010

See i am owning the van I am recommending you to convert to lpg only if your engine is mpfi..or else DO NOT CONVERT IT i am telling on my persnoal experience........ i am frustrated you can change the colour to silky silver as it is not visible for scratch and dust and go and just chage in RC Book by paying nominal charges..

Answer by Jitendra 04 April 2010

Hi Jitendra
Can you tell me how i know about if my engine is MPFI or not
Can you tell me how can i check it
Waiting for reply
Thanks for your advice

Answer by Tushar 04 April 2010

check in rc book

Answer by RN 03 March 2013

i am having omni 1995 model, can i change to new breaking system

Answer by Veerendra 03 March 2014
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