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I have hero honda splendor and it is 8 years old. the bike abruptly stopped when I was riding and while I tried to restart there is no pressure in the kicker as it goes down freely. Pl let me know what would be the problem
By Arun Prakash 04 April 2010

its just kick's spring is broken,only of 50 or 100 rupees 's part,,,but big thing it needs to open 80% engine,same thing happned with my CBZ also..and it will take atleast 5-6 hours..

Answer by Ukmishra 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

The problem could be due to spring cut as mentioned by Mr UKmishra and the same needs detailed work to remove the casing and replace the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010


It can be either the spring problem or clutch disk problem. Spring problem wont stop the bike abruptly. So I doubt its a clutch disk or Timing chain problem.


Answer by Shabreen 04 April 2010

I think it is the problem of the clutch plate.If you will change it it will be ok.Please consult the mechanic.

Answer by Bipin Kumar Patnaik 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

hi mr misra many experince in this field.. why r u making fool to public .when u dont know proper or near to proper answer than dont wrriteas per ur state ment u repair ur kicker spring in cbz @ 50/ 100 rs . how much true it . i m giving detail for cbz spring cut spring 50rs pacing kit . oil seal oring for company items 600/ labour atleast 600/ total 1250it is a minimum quatation . but if once we open engine it is not a compulsary this is a enough amount because if any parts broken it will run in old condition but we cant run it with broken parts in when we opened engine..
now to subject as per ur answer kiker spring will be cut . but in this condition bike will not stop this is my gurranty . u may ask 100 mechanick .. 100 out of 1 will support ur answer ..
mr arul prakash . it will better u go to nearest mech, fault may in cluch plate .steal plate . cluch hub . ..
timing chain problem cant stop engine .. kicker connected with cluch ..

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 04 April 2010

mr jain...i m now 31 and since my 10th std im biking can be stopeddue any other reason also.okkk,and as per free pressure coz,,,its 10000% ture that it happnes only when kick spring damged....and its not complusery that i sud rite here full laber charges...i've simply mentioned that its only 50-100 ruppes thing but it needs to be opne whole engine,,,,so its understood that whoever will open and wind up enginge, he will not do it for pity on your status of expert.....

Answer by Ukmishra 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

good u r drivinbike 21 years . but u r giving estimate like l.board driving person ...every bikes have its design diffrent .. if u say for ct 100 kicker spring replace mant can do it within 150/ rs because no need to open full engine . just cluch case open and can be change . as same in splendor .. but in cbz spring given in side the centre case . and u r telling too low estimate . i m not be prouded for expert staus , and no need for me . but my work giving full satisfaction to my large nos customers that is enough to me..

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 04 April 2010

My hero honda splander ki speed kese bada sktta hu. Avi toh 80 tak jati

Answer by RAHUL 12 December 2016

Hi Rahul, Hero Honda Splendor ki speed badhane ke liye aap usme nitrox daal do aur engine bhi hayabuza ka lagva lo. 200/300 tak jayegi...

Answer by Akhil 03 March 2017
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