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I purchased a Tata CS lx indigo car, actually feel very discomfort and unconveninace of this car,earlier i owned the Hundai Accent GLs, it is very comfortable and nice pick up, I asking the qustion , please let me knows the different between those cars, what is the market reputation of indigo cs
By VINAY 04 April 2010

This is always the problem with badly designed cars. No matter how good a donkey is, it will never be a horse. Hyundai knows how to make good cars. Tata does not. Indigo or Indica, Tata is still a truck company, not car company. Even the new Nano is burning bright, I mean the fire catching habit. The Accent is a fine car in its budget range. Tata makes rubbish in all budget ranges. Good luck. Om Shivaya!

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

be it a petrol or a deisel indigo or accent..the comfort level..the seat positioning n steering height, hood visibility are the comfort related factors which make accent much much higher than tata...indigo may b comfortable for people who are lil tall...n accent ic like for everyone... (what i feel is)in some cases..

Answer by Prabal 04 April 2010

you have not mentioned the exact nature of discomfort or problem with the indigo cs .as far as donkeys and horses are concered mr kumar seems to have some personal problem with the tatas although he never mentions as to how many tata cars has he driven how many kilometers any what are the problems he has faced . and what car does he drive presently. any answer should be based on logic and experience .not on mere hatred for a particular brand .

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

Sorry to hear about your exp, but honestly nor surprising.Products from TATA & Mahindras sell only because they are cheap and nothing else.They dont know the meaning of the word ergonimical, nothing is in proper place, bad engines.Accent is a far superior car,you have been obviously misguided on your purchase decision by someone who knows nothing much on cars (I'm sure the low price tag yet a diesel made it sound a good buy)

Answer by Deepak Praveen 04 April 2010

you are not clear as to what inconviniance and discomfort you are having with the indigo cs.didnt you take a proper test drive before buying your car which is rather surprising,otherwise you would have felt the basic difference in the pickup ,seating position or visibility at once.both the cars are completly different and yes there is a difference in pickup between diesel and petrol in this price range.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Tata Indigo CS and Hyundai Aaccent belong to different catagory.When Accent is a comfortable sedan with large nteriors and comfort the price range also differs a lot.Indigo CS is a entrylevel sedan and based on the platform of getting a sedan at price of hatchback.In overall Indigo CS is a good sedan giveing value for the money invested.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Well said Rajiv (who is not the owner of Land Rover Range Rover)

Answer by Wolverine 04 April 2010

yes tata indigo cs in patrol is such a bad car in average (8 km/ltr )and in comfort .but in diesel (tdi) its more better .

Answer by AMIT GUPTA 04 April 2010

It is a pity that our people answer any question even not digging at the basic requistes of the question My deep sympathies with BS Kumar invoking siva but so dumb to compare Accent with Indigo CS world wide we are awre of Korean Technology trash but certified by kumar Vinay pl do not go by such answers your query is not clear however it is a wise decision to go for CS

Answer by M M Naidu 04 April 2010

Sachin i'm agree with you,people should not write such a blind way about such a respected co.first of all i think mr. viany is comparing two diff. cars.i means accent petrol and indigo diesel i.e CS/LX that is not fair.second thing indigo is not a bad car in its class.its already well driven and using as taxi vehicle it means its a rugged+reliable+durable car.Sorry to say if yor are looking for accent type drive and comfort,then u should choose Verna,honda city or cadia type cars.

Answer by Ukmishra 04 April 2010

Hi friends,

First of all everybody should understand clearly that,nobody paid for making any comments on any model,make etc., all my friends say something about Kumar who is given his personal opinion like everybody given. What sachin,rajiv given is also same. This is a platform where individual shares his opinion that may not necessarily required to have a vehicle or should driven each model car to give their expert advice, if each car owner is so mechanical perfect then why we being car owners should go to expert mechanics/company service shop for even small repair or routine servicing which required min knowhow of that car. Each car owner is pround of their cars, so is the reason and MOST IMPORTANT IS ONE MODEL CAR CANNOT BE COMPARED WITH OTHER MODEL CARS AS EACH IS UNIQUE IN THEIR DESIGN/CLASS.

Answer by S Joshi 04 April 2010

its really good to find you back on this platform after a long time .how's your brother who had met with an accident with an indica from where started your hatred for tata cars .that in itself is a reson which can be understood but defending someone who talks misguides people on a platform without giving any reason ,logic ,personal experience seems to be something which has not been understood by many people who are a regular on this site.this is a platform where people visit for expert expert advise should be based on facts experience or technical knowledge not a biased personal view .recently somebody from iraq asked on this very platform about tata motors mail id and the answer by mr kumar was tata cars are useless and their design is faulty they build donkeys and blah blah you expect this kind of an answer to be taken seriously.any one will find this kind of regular without fail critisism fishy.and for your kind information tata motors global sales has gone up by 39%and they have been invited by France to produce the Nano in france,i think this is enough for people who generally feel ashamed in accepting a homemade product until accepted by the western world.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

Hello rajiv,

Still not out of woods ! Hey come on, thanks for your enquiry for asking my brother's health progress, yes he is fine and recovering fast, thanks for the doctors who have made him to recover fast, listen I am not against any Indian car company nor MNC/Western world, we should proud that TATA is making fast the western world market, yes I too read in the paper that, TATA is invited to France to put a plant for their cars, and finally Indian Car company is making news in the world and progressing fast! you should not blame Kumar it is his personal opinion thats it? Each of my friends should understand that they need to exchange their mechanical/driving expertise with other members of this site and not simply commenting some fishy issues.

Answer by S Joshi 04 April 2010

To be very honest in early stages I was not having any kind of faith in Tata cars, even though I have purchased Tata Indica Vista Quadrajet as because the award winning Deisel Engine installed in the said car. The same engine is used by Maruti & Fait in their several modles. I have driven Maruti Swift VDI & other modle cars with the same Engine, But when I test driven Tata Vista, I found much comfortable, with great features, in lower price Tag, comparative to other cars with the same Engine, high in price & low in comfort & features. (TATA IS IMPROVING) GREAT.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 04 April 2010

Tata never new how to make cars all their cars r not good and has engine problems i was having indigo and i sold it because it created many problems in engine.and it has weak engine and then i bought accent, still i use it and it is the best car in comfort, dont see the prices of car more the cheap seadan more u spend money on maintanance except hyundai accent, better luck next time

Answer by Divyam 04 April 2010

Mr joshi its good to know that your brother's health is improving i'm happy that some people have started accepting that an indian company can make good cars .what i have always wanted to tell people that tata cars are not so bad and faulty as the drivers who drive them these cars just need a little extra care which does not mean visit to mechanics.and the most important thing is quality is always directly realted to the amount spent on a product bcos people are not fools that they are going to spend lacs on a useless product .as far as personal views are concerned with freedom comes responsibility .if there is an action there has to to be equal and opposite reaction so why cry then.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010
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